Monday, December 31, 2007


So I always like to make resolutions even though it is kind of hokey and stupid. Rather than things that I make a list and keep on my Blackberry to remind me of, I feel these are things I would like to see happen in the upcoming year, rather than weird goals I am going to have to put all of my energy into seeing into fruition. So here they are:

start losing weight again once Cal is born so I can be a smoking hot, modestly dressed mom

Have our Living room redone by this time next year, including a new plasma television!

Have a new brick walk

Okay those are my things...what are yours? Anyone daring enough to post? Or are you like Nick and think that these are stupid? As he says "I just keep on keeping on". What a wuss bag (just kidding!)
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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Bidding Adieu to 2007

Just to update everyone...still no baby. But even though I am miserable and wondering if I will have the gestational period of an elephant (yes I'll tell everyone, I have been pregnant for two year and counting), I am so thankful for the things in my life. Thought you would all enjoy the list of those things:

-for the pink planner Nicholas got me for Christmas. It is so elegant and came with a lifetime guarantee so if the pages start falling out I can get a new one...I have a tendency to be kind of hard on things.

-for all of our family here over Christmas. We had such a great time and are so blessed to have them in our cousin Chris and I have always been close like brother and sister and I love Lizz like a sister too!

-our house. It is big enough that we can house guests when they come in town and is becoming ours more and more as we tackle each room head on.

-our washer and dryer...they are the new front loading ones and what work horses they are for me!

-our new baby. I am so thankful that Baby Calvin is about to grace us with his presence, and we didn't have to go out and buy a bigger house or car to accomodate him...we are ready!

-toffee from Fannie Mae, and mother in laws who know what you need when you are pregnant

-Christmas money that sits in my wallet as I say "hmmm what should I go buy?" instead of being broke

-My upcoming Pedicure date with Jaime

-Having a team of five housecleaners come and clean my house...hallelujah!

-Having a dressing room! A room of my own to decorate and make my own!

Just a few things I am thankful for...there are just so many that it is overwhelming at times! We wish you all a wonderful and safe New Year!
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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sorry Maime, Had to Do This

I know that she is going to be incredibly embarrassed about this, but I just had to call her out on this. Our local newspaper has had a section running called "Angels Among Us" and she truly is one. My cousin Jaime has been such a godsend to me and my family. She is one of those people that, in when looking back, has helped mold me into the person that I am today. For Christmas Jaime and I exchanged names in the family exchange. With this we are getting pedi's together. I can't tell you how excited I am about this...not because it is a pedicure (okay there's that) but just the opportunity to get out of the house for some girl time.
Jaime also went above and beyond the call of duty so many times before too. Including this Christmas when she had a housekeeping crew (yes, a CREW!) come and deep clean my house before company and Baby Calvin arrived so I wouldn't have to worry about it. You know no idea how much this meant to me and how much of a blessing it was.
Last but not least I am thankful to Jaime for her relationship and involvement with Emma. Aunt Jimmy as Emma calls her loves her so much and Emma is always so excited at the prospect of seeing her.
Now Jaime I know you are reading this and so you can never mention this because this is just one of those things I can only talk about when I am not face to face with someone. But I am sorry for shutting you out and not talking to you after your dad passed away. I have no idea what my deal was aside from I was being a brat. I was depressed, it wasn't just with you, but it was completely unforgiveable and I am so sorry. I love you just as if you were my true older sis and I am so glad that you are in my life and Emma's.
And as you always tell are such a rockstar!

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Okay, Anyday Now!

So as I am writing this it is 4:16 am. I spent an hour in bed with those am I in labor, am I not in labor? contractions and figured I had just better get up as I was keeping Nicholas up. So here I am being a nerd and searching for backgrounds for here and just trying to not think about being pregnant. I think in the last few weeks of being pregnant you become so uncomfortable just so you will actually hope for the pains of labor to begin. As I am now no longer working (hip, hip, hurray, like I'm back on the market trading or something, ha!) I am seeing my schedule become more open. I no longer go to bed at 9, I can get up and type in the middle of the night, and I am reading and cross-stitching again, yeah! Nick says it is like I am sitting around waiting to die, and it really is because I just don't know when it is going to happen. Everyone says I am going to deliver soon and yet I have this gnawing feeling that I still have weeks to go. Oh no, please, not weeks! I can't wait weeks!
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Friday, December 21, 2007

Calvin's Room

The great unveiling...

Thought I would show you some details of the new is a shelf of Baby Witwer's built in bookshelf. Nick's mom got us these cute Pooh letters before we were even expecting Emma and I love them:This is a peek into Calvin's closet. As you can see, I already have a Halloween costume for our little guy! I insisted that the closets be yellow, I think it makes it so cheery, Nick thinks it looks like an old lady's house:

Here is a shot of the changing table. It was originally natural but Calvin's room is the darkest room in the house, so we decided (read I demanded because I am mean) to have white furniture. So poor Nicholas had to paint everything which he did an amazing job on. The changing mat is a contoured mat with a Wendy Belissimo cover which is the softest thing in the makes me want to be changed:
Here's Calvin's crib and you can see the jersey's painted over it. How cute:

Here is Calvin's Cubs nightlight and more cute jerseys...there are a lot of cute jerseys in there.

So of course we still have some minor details. I need to make the valances for the window still but the curtains are up so that can wait if needed. Blankets, diapers, everything is in place and ready for action. I am just so excited that it has all come to fruition. Now we just need a little man to put in the nursery. Enjoy the pics, love you all!
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Monday, December 17, 2007

Don't Forget Your Wedding Shoes

I thought I would post this for those of you who are like me and were told this when they bought their shoes and then completely forgot. If you purchased the shoes you were married in at David's Bridal and never had them dyed you can have them dyed for free! We were married four years ago and I just ran across my shoes in my closet. (Above are the shoes I chose, cute, right?) I was never going to wear these shoes again in the condition they were in, especially since the toes were stained pretty badly by the sand in Hawaii. So I had them dyed black and they are so cute! Now I will be able to wear them out on the town or to a wedding or something. Just wanted to remind everyone who bought shoes at David's. You bought 'em, might as well use them, right? The only problem is if it has been a little while since you got married (read four years) it may take a little prodding at the store to get them dyed. However, they are the only one who sells their brand of shoe and most of their shoes have not been discontinued (unless you got some butt ugly shoes or something). So go ahead woman and get those shoes dyed!
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Merry Christmas to Us

So one of the gifts Nicholas and I are giving one another this year are new cell phones. Not just any phones: blackberrys. The only problem is that I have no idea how to use this little beauty. I feel so behind the times. Mine is charging to then activate and I don't even know how to turn it on. I guess I am just going to have to drag myself into the 21st century and figure this out. Nick says I can put my grocery list on it which I think is probably the only cool thing I will be doing with it...oh how glamorous.

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas May Be Falling Apart

So I have been in this happy little bubble of bliss. I am pregnant which is nice as what I can't or don't want to do can be delegated and our house is so lovely in the snow with all of the decorating. Now however it seems in maybe a four day period our family's Christmas season is struggling. First lets start with my Grandma who now has strep throat. So any going over there recently has been put off because there is no way I can have strep throat. Hopefully we can take her out of her quarantine for Christmas. Next up is my mom who had to have emergency surgery yesterday on her foot and now cannot walk. That's right, my wait until the last minute to shop and has nothing bought for Christmas mother now cannot walk. Oh joy. Okay just typing makes me feel a little better as I am seeing that it isn't that bad...its really only two problems, but that is what is going on around here. I am just thankful that I have my shopping done (which is done but now I am thinking of things I should go and buy, yikes) and I have some of the cookie batters already made for cookie day. Yeah! Hopefully I will be able to somewhat relax in the coming week. Oh and here's another thing...we have gotten hardly no Christmas cards at all. Are people just not sending them or have we been taken off the cool list? Just wondering so if anyone knows, let me know in a comment.
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...Such a Pain in My Rear

So I am now at that lovely point in a pregnancy where you have to go to the doctor once a week...why not, what else do I have to do? I guess it gives me a reason to get out of my sweatpants. Anyway, the last appointment confirmed that Calvin, our head is in position ready to go, bundle of joy is sitting on my siatic THAT'S why I have been wanting to cut off my legs and beat myself to death with them. So when I asked what I could do about it I was told what every woman dreams her doctor telling her..."nothing". I can't even take Advil, I am stuck with Tylenol, which everyone knows doesn't work. That's like saying, oh take some cool-aid for the pain. So when I change positions or walk anywhere I have to do this very short stride shuffle thing, which I think Nick thinks resembles some type of elf movement. Calvin isn't even here yet and he's already a pain in my rear...things aren't looking bright in the being well behaved department. Emma refused to come out and now she is the most head strong person I know, so this should be interesting!
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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Pearl Harbor

So I thought I should talk about Pearl Harbor Day even though it was a few days ago. Nicholas and I visited the Pearl Harbor Memorial on our honeymoon. It was a very sombering occasion, but one I was so excited to take. For those of you who have not been, the memorial that you see above, is directly over the ship under the water. On a side of the memorial you can watch the oil slowly bubbling up still from the tanks. The eerie silence that envelops everyone at the memorial is enough in itself, but then you brush arms with men that were there during those fateful events. My grandfather lived in Hawaii during this time and then came over to the US to fight. Hawaii wasn't even a part of the United States then, if you can believe it. There was an article in the newspaper this past week about our (my) generation not knowing about Pearl Harbor. I don't know who they are talking about but for me Pearl Harbor is a very well known event and one that I think everyone I know knows about. Just thought I would spend a little bit of time talking about Pearl Harbor.
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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Random Thoughts

I have been wanting to blog but creating life has taken so much of my energy that I am having a hard time putting any connected thoughts together. So I thought I would do one of these random thought blogs and that way I don't have to put complete thoughts together. Hope you enjoy:

I feel sorry for Nick. I am going over to Gram's this Saturday for a few hours and for some reason I seem to think that that is enough time to get 57 things accomplished around the house...good luck Wit, good luck.

Being able to drive in the snow is something that I feel a tinge of pride about. I have grown up here, I can adapt, unlike the Florida, Cali, etc people placed here because of Notre Dame. Please slow down and don't drive like an idiot. But not that slow, this isn't a parade. If my big fear of typing this and then getting into some horrid snow related accident happens, I will let you know.

Is anyone else excited about cookie making that is coming over to my house to make cookies? For some reason this brings me more joy than anything else, even though I am stressed about you all coming over due to cleaning and being fat and pregnant and worrying about getting worn out and grumpy.

I am disgusted by the story of the woman who was murdered in her van her in our town. Sunday the police thought she had just decided to run away from home despite the fact she's always been a devoted mother and wife. The scary thing is that she was murdered after running out to the grocer's. Please blog readers, know that if I ever disappear it is because something has happened to me and I need help. Don't let the police tell you I have run away from home.
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Monday, December 10, 2007

Homemade Gifts

This year as you know, I am expecting a baby well, any day now. I knew I wouldn't want to be out in the slushy roads (or iced roads as they are now) trying to get all of my presents purchased. And apparently I buy crappy gifts as my brother in law once told me to never buy him anything ever again. So with that in mind I delved into the holiday season way back in August. I have been making presents like a busy little elf, and am now completely done with Christmas shopping. However for some reason when I make Christmas presents, I always feel kind of weasely. I feel like I didn't give enough, didn't do enough, or it is just plain stupid. When in all reality, I spent so much freaking time working on those darn presents, that people should mount them and hang them on the wall because they are just so spectacular. I wish I still felt like I did when I was a little kid and made something for my mom in art class; I was just so proud of it I could hardly wait for Chrismas morning so it could be opened. I have decided however that I am making Christmas gifts from now on. I think it teaches Emma that Christmas is not about money or how much stuff we can give one another, but the thought and love that goes into something. So now I am trying to look forward to giving my gifts and I hope that everyone likes them.
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Sunday, December 9, 2007

A great day

So yesterday Emma and I spent practically the entire day together. Nicholas was working in Baby Calvin's room, putting the finishing touches on everything. I have to be honest that I was somewhat apprehensive of spending so much time with her. She just wears me out so much and I was worried I would lose my temper with her. But we had so much fun! She is becoming such a wonderful little girl. She has a baby doll that she was pretending was sick, so we took care of her, and asperated her nose, mouth, ears, anything. She helped me clean her room which was fun, the child spent about half an hour cleaning screws on her crib...oh how they shine. The picture from above is one of my all time favorites of mine. She is just so much fun. I cannot believe how small she is in it, it was taken almost a year ago.

In other news, Calvin's room is almost done. I love that Chris, Lizz, and Praetorian are staying with us because it is making Nick make sure this room is done, ha! With Emma's room we shot for it to be done when Emma was born but was extended out to having a completion date of six months after Emma arrived. So I am excited that this room will be done and useable. Today we are getting the paint for the dresser which was in Emma's room and was painted pastel colors but will now be going back to primary colors. I can't wait to show you the final pictures of Calvin's room. It is going to look fantastic!
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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Like Being In High School

So when I was in high school, Doc Marten shoes were all the rage. Of course me being a day late and in this case a couple hundred dollars short, I didn't get these until the end of my senior year. Of course they were still very well used as I trounced around Ball State in them and wore them until big clunky shoes moved over and pointy toed stilletos became popular. So now my once beloved shoes only get dragged out on days like this, when it is cold and snowy and I need some sturdy support I can rely on. These shoes are comfortable and they always make me feel like I am in high school again, trying my best to be cool. So that is the word on the street about the shoes on my feet!
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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Snow Falling

There is something absolutely magical about snow falling. I am always in awe of the erie silence that falls around the house as it lightly touches down on our roof and the ground around us. I love how from somewhere it picks up little hints of light so it resembles glitter falling all around you. Last night was our first big snowfall and it was magnificent. It was glorious to be able to lean up against the window and just watch the big flakes fall luxuriously down around us. Something about snow makes me feel like a little kid all over again.
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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Ipod Incapable

Nicholas and I were watching television the other night when yet another commercial for an Ipod dock/vacuum cleaner/life companion appeared. I asked what the appeal of the Ipod is because I just don't get it. Nicholas explained that it was like when you had a walkman. I sheepishly admitted that I never had a walkman, cassette or CD. Nicholas was amazed at this new news...maybe he thinks I am always on the brink of fads and things, but I never had a walkman of any sort. Nicholas told me he thinks that this has made me incapable of understanding Ipods. I just won't get it. Because I really don't get it. Sure, I love music. I love listening to Christmas music at home, and in the car, but I don't think that I need a perpetual soundtrack going on in the background of my everyday events. Maybe I am weird.
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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hospital Bag

As I am slowly reaching my due date Nicholas suggested that I should begin packing my bag for the hospital. Yeah we are almost there! I am trying to think of what I should pack and for the life of me cannot remember what I need. Due to a number of various painkillers all mixed together, I cannot remember the hospital experience very well. I remember when I came home and finally unpacked my bag I thought that a bunch of the things I had brought were kind of silly as I had never used them; I just can't remember what those silly items were. So I went to a baby website to get a list of what to take, but even that seemed silly: aromatherapy candles, a bathing suit for your husband, cd's. Does anyone have any "can't live without" items that I should pack? What did you find that you did and didn't need? I have the obvious down: shampoo, soap, slippers, jammies, clothes home, etc. But the fluff things, what do you think I need?
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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Knocked Up and Proud of It!

So as you can see, I am pregnant. 34 weeks to be exact, and I am proud to announce that next week I am declared full term! That's right, hopefully any minute I will go and we will have a bundle of joy here for Christmas. Maybe we will name him Jesus with the hispanic pronunciation. What do you think? Everyone seems to think that I am going to go early however with Emma being two weeks late, I am not planning on being relieved from this misery any time before Christmas, let alone before the Super Bowl. Thought I would show my pregnany belly (and our Christmas tree) with you, enjoy!
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As November closes out I am realizing how much fun Nick, Kazoo, and I are having around here. As the holiday season envelops us with its loveliness, I can't help but realize how blessed I am. One of the reminders of my blessings is our Christmas tree. Usually we have our ornaments and then the filler bulbs and candy, but this year we have so many ornaments we don't have room for any filler. I see ornaments marking our engagement, wedding, new house, baby, graduations, championships, and on and on. Not only had God blessed us with people who lovingly choose these ornaments but the events in our lives in which they mark for us.

I am blessed with the best husband a girl could hope for. He is such a good Daddy and he really cares. He comes to all of Emma's and my doctor's appointments and he asks questions and is involved. When I am just too tired or sore, he takes over with the household duties and makes sure that I am resting. In the third trimester I turn into a beast and he is patient and loving with him, letting me tell him he is horrible for getting me into this mess. He always makes sure we are taken care of, warm enough, have our slippers on, and are happy. He encourages me to do whatever I want, start a business, sell jewelry, work for Eli Lily: he has been the backbone and support system in everything I have strived for and will strive for in the future. He is one of those incredible people that people love to be around and everyone gets along with. He still makes me laugh so hard I am scared I may pee myself and I am proud to walk beside him, in every day life, and through our marriage.

I am blessed by Kazoo. She is such a little me, not only with her soft heart that breaks when she is yelled at, but also with her strong will which makes her stick with something if that is what she decides she really wants. She is so much like her daddy in that she is hilarious. She knows how to be a ham and be silly to get people to laugh. She loves to dance and sing, jump and clap, she loves life and hasn't experienced anything bad. My Grandma describes Emma's life in the phrase that "she only knows love", and it is so true. She is growing up to be such a sweet little lady that hopefully will have such a heart for the Lord and helping people.

I am blessed with our house. I love our house. Nick's brother suggested over the weekend that we sell our house and I have no idea why we would ever do that. It is such a gift to us to spend all of our time together in a nice house that is big enough for everyone and all of our possessions, and is slowly beginning to show our fingerprints on its life.

I am blessed with our car. It is such a good little car. As some of you know we were talking about getting a new car with the baby coming and I eventually felt that was so foolish: a family of four should be able to fit into a five passenger vehicle. So we are keeping it and I am so glad we are. There is nothing wrong with our car and we are teaching our children and hopefully leading by example that we don't go and get new things when what we have is still perfectly good.

I am blessed with family. My family and Nicholas' family is now my family and I feel so blessed to be surrounded by people that truly care about me and about all of us. When I feel small and worthless all I need to do is talk to family and I am reminded that they would miss me if I were least I hope they would (teehee!)

All in all, you can see I am a blessed lady. And I know that I am a blessed lady because I love the Lord with all of my heart and I know that He is watching me. He is my Abba, Daddy, who keeps me under his wing, accepts me back when I have my hard headed moments and walk out on him. He is amazing and has blessed me besides my wildest dreams. Are you blessed too?
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Monday, November 26, 2007

O Christmas Tree

So our tree is up and I just love it! This year proved to be somewhat tricky as this is the first year with a toddler doing her toddling around the tree. No worries though, we were sure to hang plastic ornaments at the bottom. I have been trying not to care about her playing with those ornaments because I always encourage curiosity and creativity with her. The other issue we faced is the garland on the tree. As you can see in the crazy picture of me above, it is a gumdrop garland...real preserved gumdrops, which Emma likes to try to eat. And so after several trys I think I have it high enough on the tree that she can't get her Sloth from Goonies looking teeth on the garland without it looking very odd that the garland is up so high. This morning when I was coming downstairs for the first time, that blissful smell of pine hit me, and I just closed my eyes and paused on the stairs...moments like that are what the Christmas season are made of. Small miniscule moments that turn into memories that last us our whole lives through. Hope you are enjoying the smell too!
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Almost Time

The bassinet is up and ready for Calvin to arrive. My due date is in the first week of January but I was told at the last appointment that they are considering me full term at 35 weeks...and if I did my math right this is my 34th week, so I guess any day now! I have been so uncomfortable but the doctor prescribed baby sling shot seems to be helping when the velcro isn't gouging my skin or the elastic is cutting off my circulation. This week is the job of picking out and purchasing a crib mattress. The crib is almost done and then it is just the finishing touches to get done before Baby # 2 is here! I am so excited this is almost done but also so freaked out that we are about to be parents of two children...ahhh! We are just so thankful for everything, but at this time I think we are most thankful for our supportive family and a big house for all of these children!
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Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Black Friday

So we all survived Thanksgiving! Yeah! It was a very relaxing day aside from my mom asking every five minutes if she could have Emma today. One no should suffice right? And thankfully I didn't go "Uncle Doug" on anyone...yet at least. So now we have the looming Black Friday. Where people are crazy and this year, surprisingly, things are not that on sale. I did see some things I would like: Home Depot has poinsettia's for 1.86 each, somewhere else had 9' garland for a price that seemed good. I am also all about the decorating the house this weekend. And here is what I have decided. This is the last year we are going anywhere for the weekend after Thanksgiving. Here's what I am saying: when I was a little girl we hardly ever got our tree early. When we did, my parents would put the tree up and it would stand naked until a couple of days before Christmas or it would be propped up outside to wait until we could get to it. When I was an only child I remember where we would actually decorate the tree and my dad would put me on his shoulders to adorn the top with the final piece, the beautiful angel. Those are some of my fondest memories. So since I have been married I have always insisted we have a family time together where we decorate the tree. Who finds it enjoyable when you are sticking ornaments up as fast as you can just to get it done? I love going through the ornaments with Nicholas talking about where we picked this one up from or how his mom made him that one, or my grandma gave me this one. And I realize that the tree itself is a huge undertaking, not to mention the decorating of the entire interior and exterior of our mammoth house, which is why we need an entire weekend. During the weekend I am envisioning Emma giggling at all of the silly ornaments, being amazed by the lights, and loving to gently touch all of the wonderful surprises that are pulled out of the boxes while we all listen to Christmas music and sip eggnog. This year our epiphany of a Christmas tradition is being altered slightly due to holiday plans. While I am happy about those two, we came to the conclusion that this is the last year we will be traveling.

Basically this is what it boils down to: I had some bleak, dark, awful childhood moments. This is my time to make up for those times. I am making memories I want now and ensuring that Emma has the best childhood memories one can possibly have. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend as we are officially in the opening of the Christmas season. This is the time I have been looking forward to all year!
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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bring It On!

So I had a Doctor's appointment yesterday and everything is going well. Except for the fact that I feel like I am dying. But you know, it comes with the territory. I tried to have a chat with myself that I am not the only one who feels this way, every woman who has ever had a baby understands what I am going through. So I am going to do my best to get our house clean for the holidays and get the decorating done and the nursery completed. I am trying to have a new outlook on this pregnancy. Yesterday at my appointment the doctor told me it looked like my ankles weren't swollen (yeah for sexy ankles again!) and she also told me there is an elastic contraption you can wear so your pelvis and back aren't in pain. Thank you, I will take 2! So she wrote me a prescription and off to Alick's we went. When we got there Emma was amazed by the electric toilets and I was amazed by this elastic contraption that was prescribed that was $75.00. It went around your back, there were arm holes and leg holes, and basically had the set up of a superhero outfit. Nick said all I needed was a cape. So being the frugal ninja that I am, I politely ducked out of the dressing room (where you can buy old lady bras for 10 bucks) and skipped my pregnant self home. I am happy to report that my gut instinct of the crazy elastic contraption being too much was right, they have the same thing at Babies R Us for 30.00. Go me! So that is all that has been going on here this week. Tonight I will be getting everything ready for Thanksgiving. Hope you all have a fun and festive day, talk to you soon!
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Friday, November 16, 2007

I need your opinion!

So I am writing in the hopes that you will all be able to give me some feedback regarding something that Nicholas and I have been going round and round about. The issue here is Thanksgiving. First of all let me just begin by venting my frustrations to you about Thanksgiving. It is just not going to be the same this year. My Grandma has decided to not make a turkey but make a turkey breast which we don't think will feed me, let alone everyone else. So we are scrambling to tiptoe around her feelings but also ensure there will be enough food. The next thing that is not the same is that Thanksgiving for Nick's family is at his sisters house. While that is not a big deal, as most of you know, I do not like change. I would be happy if traditions were like school...there's a set schedule, you know what you are having for lunch, and then you go home. I don't like new recipes, new locations, or new decorations. I know, I am weird.

The dilemma we are facing this Thanksgiving is the one of traveling. I am in severe pain now with the pregnancy. I can barely get out of bed and my pelvis hurts soooo bad. It hurts to sit anywhere for too long and my legs tend to have that hurt numby feeling from a pinched nerve. I have just expected that I am going to have to just suck it up and travel the some three hour trip to Nick's sisters house. Now however my absolutely wonderful husband is saying that we are not going if I am going to be in pain the entire time. Yikes! I tried to tell him he could just go without me with Emma, I don't want to hold him down but he doesn't want to go without me. There's no way I am going to be able to fake feeling fine and even if I could it would be a little weird. "Oh yeah I feel fine, the baby must have developed some type of vacuum to float around in as he now feels weightless." Um no. So does anyone have any suggestions? Do I just agree that we don't go? Do I just tell him that we can go and suffer? I don't know and I need your opinion...If it were up to me I would just sit at home from now until the baby is born in dirty sweats.
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Thursday, November 15, 2007

I shouldn't blog mad

So I guess the lesson of my last blog is that I shouldn't blog when I am mad as I am mean to Nick. I am however leaving the blog up instead of deleting it so I can use it as a lesson to myself of how mean I can and shouldn't be. I am also leaving it up as a warning to Nick (muh ah ah ah!) and a reminder to everyone else...don't cross my path or I will write bad things about you on the internet! The picture above it Emma's "welcome to the world" letter from the President and Mrs. Bush we received for Emma. It is actually an older picture but it is super cute so I thought I would post it. Today I am not doing much. Jaime (or Jimmy as Emma calls her) is going to be at my Grandma's so we will probably go over there. It will be great to see them but if for no other reason to have someone else watch Emma. I sound like a really bad mom but really it is just because my pelvis hurts sooo bad!
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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Husband Obtains Abstinence

So in an effort to begin to cross things off my to-do list I finally began to order wedding pictures for my family. I know I am such a slacker but one of the attributes of being a slacker is that you just don't care. So I was happily copying away feeling good about the way I did have to download some 300 pics to winkflash for this. And lo and behold I found that we are missing pictures. Now these aren't like, oh four years ago I thought I took a picture of a bird. No these are pictures we took on our digital camera that are in our wedding album but cannot be found on our computer...a little weird and annoying to say the least. The other annoying factor of this situation is my husband. Granted I am hormonal but I came downstairs to see if he could help, practically in tears, and he took maybe 15 seconds to tell me they must just be gone, before going back to whacking people on his video me I will be remembering this the next time someone wants sex. And by the way we are still getting over a cold which means we are back to clearing our throats every 15.2 seconds. I am anticipating us getting over the cold for the next six months. Oh joy.
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In case you didn't know...I am pregnant

Okay so here's what I hate. Everyone keeps saying to me, wow you look pregnant...oh you think? I am 9 months pregnant! Of course I look pregnant! In pregnancy news I am officially wishing I could not feel my lower extremities, I think it would be a lovely thing. It is a hard thing to explain and unless you have been pregnant you probably have no idea what idea I mean but my girl parts just really ache. Pelvis area I guess you would call it from having a child sitting on me. I have also been having contractions a lot which I knew before were Braxton Hicks and yesterday they began to actually hurt. Again I learned just Braxton Hicks. Apparently it is perfectly find for me to have contractions for the next month and feel like I am going to die. I also have a foot in my lung. It hurts and I am hoping this baby comes out an Air Jordan or something to that effect. And at the end of this comes labor.

They say that being uncomfortable in the last few months of pregnancy is God's way of getting you ready for labor. I have heard people say that you finally get so tired of being tired and uncomfortable that you just want the kid out and you don't care how much pain you have to endure to make it happen. And that brings to me to the actual labor. Lets just get specific here. I have never been in labor. I never had contractions, we never timed. I went to the hospital with Emma and they induced me. And nothing freaking happened so they sent me home. And then they induced me again and again nothing, so I had a C-Section. This time I am going for a VBAC which is Vaginal Birth After Cesarean. I am excited about going through labor which I know sounds weird to those of you who have endured the pains of labor. But after I had Emma I was pretty depressed that I didn't go through labor and it was something that I had to work through. But I would really love to be able to go through labor.

The scary part however is the death factor. I had to sign a sheet at my last doctor's appointment stating that I understand the risk that I, the baby, or both may die in a vbac. Granted the chances are slim. The death part is from the chance that my c-sec scar would tear open (yikes!). The chances of that happening are only 1-2%. And in that 1-2% 1 out of 1000 people die or the baby dies from something catastrophic. I know that there is always a chance of dying in child birth so I am figuring those odds of something happening are about the same odds as if I had another c-section. But somehow having to sign my name to that piece of paper was like signing my life away. I know that sounds weird.

Another reason I think I am so scared of dying is all of the crap I have heard this time around while being pregnant. A friend of mine only had about two weeks left and went in to labor and her baby was born with the cord around his neck. He was alive when he was born but they couldn't save him. Another girl I know told me of her friend who just died a couple of weeks ago in labor when a blood clot traveled from her leg to her heart. I have also been reading multiple stories of women who contracted breast cancer while they were pregnant. I guess I am just scared of all of the factors in the chance of dying. With Emma it was all flowers, hearts, and sunshine.

So that is what has been going on in our neck of the woods, what has been going on with you?
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Saturday, November 10, 2007

We're Back!

This picture was taken while Emma and Daddy were staying busy while I was shopping...I love the expression on her face!

So for those of you who were worried, I had stepped away from the computer to go on vacation. We went to Brown County, Indiana. For those of you who have never been there we highly recommend. I had been going there with my parents since I was a young girl and Nicholas and I have been rushing to get down there every chance we have since we have been together. Emma is seemingly loving our haven as well.

The trip was my Birthday present from Nicholas and I must say it was just perfect. We went the day after my Birthday and we had such a great time together. We shopped, ate, and were just plain silly. We even were able to get Emma in the pool which she hated at first but loved eventually. There was a ledge for her to walk in the pool and she walked like she was on the moon or something which was hilarious.

Picture of the lane going down to the Covered Bridge we explored while Emma napped

This is the place that never ceases to be able to sooth my soul and completely rejuvenate me. It is a miraculous thing. When returned from vacation I found Nicholas and I were teasing one another like when we were dating in college and I felt ready to have this baby. It was as though my heart had said, okay, I am now prepared, lets do this.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Saturday Update

So I realized that I never let you know how our progress on Saturday turned out. Well after all of the talk on the lattice we ended up not being able to do it as there is no way to get it to hold together and we are still missing pieces. We have decided that we are just going to have to buy a piece of lattice that is not the same and get it in there. Calvin's woodwork is all sanded and ready to go. We are planning on painting that Friday and then we have the floor to do and then we are done. There is a good possibility the room could be completed by next week (fingers crossed). KMart ended up not having any toys that we really needed. We went to Menards and got a lot of shopping done, paint and other things to get the storm door fixed...which it is, yeah! Well that is all for now, boring but I thought I had to update you on our progress.
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Happy Me!

So today is my birthday in case you are currently residing under some form of rock and haven't seen the news bulletins. I hate getting older but I think 26 will be nice. 26 and I will have been married for 5 years and will have all of my children. I am also a college graduate which is exciting to me that all of that has happened. So if I look back on the whole plan I had for my life, I am basically living a man in college, get married, have all kids by 26, live happily. See I have done it. Now High School plans are not what is in fruition...I do not live in NYC and I am not a CEO but none of that matters. Plans change and I love that fact!

This morning Nicholas woke up super early (5:30) and made me breakfast in bed. I have to say that I am the luckiest woman in the world. He is just so sweet. As delicious as the food is the best part was getting to spend a few fleeting moments alone in the morning hours with my most favorite person in the world.

Tomorrow we are going on vacation for my birthday. Which I am super excited about except for the fact that we have all been sick and it has suddenly turned cold and rainy here in Indiana and across the country. Regardless I am determined to have a wonderful time with my wonderful daughter and my wonderful, romantic husband.
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Saturday, November 3, 2007

In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary
-Aaron Rose
I do believe that today I am feeling in a somewhat romantic mood. That is, I want to brew a cup of tea, curl up in bed, and read a good Jane Austen novel. However, household duties forbid me from doing this today. That and Emma the toddler prevent me from lounging. Today is Saturday and I am finding if I share with all of you what in the world needs to get done today it helps to keep me on task. If I tell you we have 57 things to accomplish and then I come back here and report only 3 were done, then I feel melancholy. So hopefully reporting to you will help me to accomplish the full 57. Today Nicholas is going to be sanding woodwork in Baby Calvin's room. This is the last step before painting the woodwork a gorgeous cream color that is continuing throughout our house. After that hopefully we will get the furniture repainted and then it will be moving in day in Baby Calvin's nursery...I can hardly wait.

We are also going to be working on the lattice on the top of one of the panels of our fence. Our little yard is surrounded by a cute fence with wood slats on the bottom and lattice work on the top. The lattice on this particular portion of the fence had been entwined with a vine of some sort that basically shattered the lattice after a time. When we bought the house we figured this would be a relatively simple fix, buy some new lattice to replace the old. However after two years of lattice shopping at every lattice supplier known to man, we have discovered that the lattice on our fence was handmade. Oh joy of all joys. So this afternoon Nicholas and I will be outside trying to reconstruct lattice. The problem has been there for the two years that we have owned the home, but I am just sick of it and in the summer it is somewhat covered by the trees, so now as the leaves are dropping you can really see the problem. I am also set on getting it fixed today because the Arts Cafe is tomorrow and people are going to be walking up and down our street to see how wonderful our neighborhood is and we don't need anyone dissing our poor little fence. I am such a geek but I believe that the details are what make the picture perfect.

Other things to accomplish today include going to K-Mart to do a little shopping. There was a coupon in the paper for half off a toy so I am figuring that will be a good opportunity to get a little Christmas shopping done for Miss M.

Dinner tonight will be at the elder Witwer household which should be nice as we have not seen Nicholas' dad in what seems like a millenia. Also Nick's mom and dad have been holding Emma's gross nasty baby doll for ransom down there (not really, but doesn't that sound dramatic) so we are going down there to bust her out.

So those are the things on my to do list today. I will try to report back tomorrow and let you know our progress. Hopefully I can tell you that everything has been done!
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Friday, November 2, 2007

1st November Blog

In my desperate attempts to get to know this whole Blogger website program, I have learned how to add a new background, yeah! Now I don't have the same background as everyone and their brother as there are only about 3 to choose from. How boring. So I hope you like this one and hopefully I will stay on top of things enough to change it when Thanksgiving is over.

I know that everyone is in love with Thanksgiving and everything but personally it has never been my favorite. Probably because I have always spent my holidays being shuffled around from one family to another and now that I am married I am always running from my family to his. Well not this year. I am enjoying Thanksgiving. Ha, ha, ha! There will be lounge pants, and games, and movies after dinner and lots of laughing I presume.

As much as I love November (Christmas preparations, leaves falling, my Birthday) I also hate November (Christmas preparations, leaves falling, my Birthday). Christmas preparations are always fun but I somehow always seem to concoct these outrageous plans throughout the year and then when the time is upon us it either doesn't look like what was in my head or it turns out that to turn my thoughts into reality would be a huge stretch of the budget. Last year I wanted to make these trees out of cranberrys for a centerpiece. Except that a large amount of cranberrys turns out to be quite expensive and it required a ton of pushpins with a white head. However no one sells white push pins except for a florist, who was happy to sell me some, but at the cost of $12.00 for a small box. Next idea please.

Leaves falling: Nicholas and I seem to have differing perspectives regarding leaf pickup. When I was growing up as many of you know, my parents live in a rural area and leaf pickup consisted of raking what you could and having to burn it. I always hated how things just looked to dirty when all of those leaves were on the ground. So I always wanted to have a house where there were no leaves anywhere when they were picked up. Nick on the other hand is content with letting them sit until "they are all off the trees" which I think would take until Christmas which at that time the impending snowfall would be a burden to leaf raking efforts. So to conquer this difference of ours this is what I did and maybe you other wives can follow suit: Living in the city our "yard" consists primarily of landscaping. And I hate when leaves are in the landscaping. So I took Emma out and I raked all of the leaves out of a large portion of the landscaping. This in turn ended in huge piles of leaves in the actual lawn part of our yard. So Nick then raked them to the curb for leaf pickup. I think this system worked nicely for us. It would be a good one to continue except for the fact that I am zooming into my 9th month of pregnancy like a cow trying to run a marathon.

My Birthday: oh how I love Birthdays. They are just so fun and make you feel like such a little kid. I love the surprise of getting cards in the mail and presents when you least expect them. My time of the year for Birthdays kind of sucks though as it is close to Christmas so we are always saving for Christmas. This year though we are going to Brown County for my Birthday present so that should be wonderful. Birthdays are always so depressing though. Each year I have this time when I look back at my 26 years and realize I have done nothing significant. Will anyone remember me when I am gone? I also look to the future and realize how fast the years go by and feel so sad that it feels there is hardly any time left. The kids will be in school, then out, then gone, and then we are just kind of waiting for the end. I just want to make sure I treasure all of the small moments in my heart.
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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pumpkin Eyes

I love this picture of Emma. I took it the other day when I was out raking leaves and Emma was exploring. She is just so cute and inquisitive. Here she was enjoying sticking her hands in the eyes carved into the pumpkin. We then went and washed our hands as the squirrels had been chewing on those very same eyes and I am not sure if rabies stays in squirrel saliva, but I figured we shouldn't be the ones to find out.
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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Leaves Are Falling

As I watched the leaves fall from our breakfast room window, I realized how easy it is to have the thoughts of a grown up; I don't want these thoughts. I could look at the leaves and think of how much of a mess they create: they are in the landscaping, under the fence, pooling on the walk. Instead I would like to see them as little drops of color wonderment, the down for a huge leaf bed to jump in. I look at Emma's paints and so often see a mess, a clothing disaster waiting to happen as she gets herself wet with paint water and makes her art work sopping wet. Instead I would like to see her paints as an opportunity to teach her her colors, to show her how paper absorbs water, unlike the floor, and to pass on the creativity that my Mom managed to force into me. So many events in our lives are awful, horrific events. Some events in my life are ones I wish to forget and dread the thought that Emma could ever go through something like that. And yet, I try to find my inner child when dealing with every day situations. When Emma is running around the house being silly, I can tell her to calm down as she might break something, or I can get on the floor and be silly with her. I believe something that my old friend Jackie Brady told me when I was lifeguarding, "life is based 10% on circumstances and 90% on your attitude." And how true is that? I am a Child of God and with knowing that in my heart, I can walk confidently through life with my head held high. Why should I be discouraged? Why should the shadows come? Jesus is my portion and I know He watches over me. Can I get an Amen?
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Monday, October 29, 2007

Our Little Piglet

Can I just ask the simple question of how flipping cute is Emma?
So this weekend was one of Halloween Fun for the Witwer household. Saturday we carved Emma's pumpkin which you can see next to her. Nicholas decided to make her a kitty cat, as she loves kitty cats. Personally it kind of looks like a bat to me, but maybe I am just weird. Maybe I am weird...hee, hee, like I am not so far gone on the weird-o factor. Anyway, Sunday we then had our neighborhoods Halloween party which was so much fun. I must say, I truly love our neighborhood. There is nothing better than neighborhood comraderie (or knowing how to spell comraderie, which as you can see, I do not!). Kids were dressed as stop signs, Wizard of Oz characters, pirates, a little girl had a witch costume on that made her look like a Jon Benet type hooker. And of course there was our own little piglet. We decided to duck out of the parade this year, which seemed last year to simply be us walking around the block stepping on the back of each other's feet. Not so fun. While we were tactfully ducking out of the parade, who should arrive but Juan Manigualt. For those of you who are not familiar with our area, Juan is the republican candidate for Mayor. He is running against Nick's boss so if he wins he will be Nick's boss. Kind of awkward to say the least. So he came over and started talking to us (personally I think he was trying to get my minority vote, but hey, whatever) he was small talking with us and just kicking it around until he asked Nick where he works. You should have seen the look on this guys face when Nick responded that he works in the Economic Development Department for the City. Wow that was a priceless face. Especially entertaining was watching them interact after together after Juan found out that Nicholas is in charge of the golf course, airport, and all of the industrial. Awkward would have been nice to see as Juan has been bashing the growth in Nick's area. They did however agree on several issues so as Nick said he wasn't just standing there giggling. Going back to the party though there was a pinata, cornhole (gotta love Indiana, right?), pumpkin painting, and plenty of food. It was a beautiful day and we got some fantastic shots of our little Piglet. Hope you all had a great weekend
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Saturday, October 27, 2007


So last night we went out on a date, a real live actual date! I don't think we had been out on a date for, well, I seriously cannot remember the last time we were on a date. So we went out to eat to one of our places we used to go out on dates when we were dating. You can completely tell that we are used to having Emma with us because we had finished our meal from sitting down to having our leftovers packed up in 20 minutes. Nick said "we seriously just had a date night in 20 minutes". We are kind of pathetic. After that he asked me if I wanted to do anything and believe it or not we went shopping. Normally I would have wanted to go and get ice cream or take a walk or just be silly together, but now that we have Emma the idea of going to a store and not having to make a mad dash around to get what we need and get out sounded blissful to me. So we went shopping and found some cute dish towels and we even found a Christmas present for me for Nick to wrap and give to me. Yeah! So all in all it was a nice time and it was nice to get away. My mom watches Emma every other Friday so maybe this will become a habit for us. But it was kind of sad, I sat across the table from the man I love and we had nothing to talk about. I am scared we are going to become one of those old couples who take books to dinner and never talk to one another, they just read. They either hate one another or they are just in such perfect harmony that they know what the other is thinking at each second of the day. So that is what I am scared of...being old with Nicholas and not talking to him at all.
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Chilling at Home

So we have some freaking huge plans for today. Let me get my planner open so I can tell you all about it. Oh wait, we aren't really doing anything today! Yeah! It is rainy here although not all too cold as it has been and I am so looking forward to a day bumming around the house in our jammies spending quality family time together. We are going to be carving Emma's pumpkin tomorrow and I also have to make Christmas presents (of which I am not telling you what I am making...ha!)
We are also going to be returning our new DVD player to Best Buy because I am apparently incapable of purchasing electronic equipment. It seems that whatever I buy somehow seems to have some type of problem. I think I could go out and buy a top of the line television and the thing would probably not work. All I needed a DVD player for was to watch Baby Einstein DVD's as our conked out on us and Emma would give me those sad puppy dog eyes every morning when she couldn't watch her "Babies" as she calls them. So we bought another one and now it jumps and skips and stops at its own free will. Stupid DVD player. This is why I want to live on the frontier and spend my days churning butter.
So we will be sitting at home today if anyone needs us which I am very excited about.
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Friday, October 26, 2007

Our Autumn Door

I thought I would post a pic of our fall decorations but this picture does not do it justice. I suck at taking pictures. Anywho, behind the giant mum in the front is an arrangement of gourds followed by other mums up top. I love it. Mum is my Birthday flower as you know and since my birthday is coming up, now you know what to get me. I am writing this before I head off to work; mom took Emma so I am baby free. She is even going to watch her tonight which means Nicholas and I are off to a date night in the sun. I don't know what that means, just go with me. I seriously cannot remember the last time I was alone with that man. Strange huh, its as if we have been taken into a hostage situation by Emma and no one is allowed to escape until she has tired of eating grapes sliced in half and whole milk out of her cup. Anyway, hope you all are having good Fridays...hang in there the weekend is almost here.
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Thursday, October 25, 2007

So Freaking Pissed

So I found out by looking at her Target registry where you can list your baby's name that a friend of mine is naming her baby the same name as Emma. Now don't get me wrong, I know Emma is now the number one name for girls and I understand that that is going to be used, but the entire same name? With no call to check and see if that is okay? That is just low. Sorry but it is. Nick and I are friends with the Graverson's who also have an Emma. We don't see them too often but like to think of the four of us as kindred spirits so we called them to make sure it was okay to use Emma...not Emma's whole name but just Emma. I am so pissed. Names are something that are unique and you don't give your kid the same name as a friends kid. Mom One "This is my son Marilynn Manson" and Mom Two "and this is MY son Marilynn Manson". Weird, and now I am pissed. I have been polling other friends to see if I can be justifiably pissed or if this is crazy hormonal pregnancy pissed, and by far the numbers are heavy on the oh yeah be pissed, be very, very pissed side. So now I am mad...mad enough to slash tires...I will have to google how to slash tires or get a slashing tires for dummies book, but still the idea is there.
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Monday, October 22, 2007

Calvin's Room

Sunday Jaime came over to help paint Jerseys onto Calvin's newly painted walls. And I must say they turned out pretty darn good. Nick had the enormous job of drawing these
beasts and I must say it is a good thing the two of us are creative and artistic people...not to mention Jaime, oh my gosh that woman can paint...go you! There are still plenty of touch ups but the general idea is now on the wall and I am so proud of the whole idea. For those of you who don't know, Emma's room has dresses which were also all hand painted. So our home is very unique.
Even Emma helped with the painting (she is so cute, how does she just pick up a paintbrush and know how to pretend paint? She even dipped where paint should be.)
So all in all I think it is looking pretty darn good. Jaime had the rockin' idea of using penants as our valances. So we have two windows and I think that I will need four penants per window. So if you have any old baseball penants around that you don't want and you don't think your husband will miss, please let me know. Hope you all had a good weekend too!
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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Random Thoughts at Work

When is the last time you ate canned meat? Does anyone eat this on a regular basis? I bought corned beef in a can last week. Wasn't bad, but just weird. Nick made weird faces and yet proceeded to eat it. This is the man though who had not had spam until we were married and he loves it. Ah canned meats

Does anyone else ever see someone a little "too" excited about Halloween and wonder if they worship the devil?

I am looking for a tactful way to tell a 82 year old woman that you do not need any more wreaths and purple flowers look fake...any suggestions?

How do you know when sour cream is bad? It is cream that has soured for goodness sake. And cottage cheese. People should know how to spot these things. Because when you are pregnant all animally products smell like hairy buffalo butt anyway.

So I was showing Emma lint when we were doing laundry and I am trying how to explain what lint is...fibers of cloth and hair and other grossness?

What do you think a good man name for me would be if I were ever to become a man? I am thinking Leon might suit me.
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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Put Your Boobs Away

Put Your Boobs Away!

Everyone listen up. This is a special blog as I have been meaning to write it for a long time now. As you all should know, I am a converted modest mom. I admit, I used to dress like, well, like I was trying to find a husband. And I continued dressing in this manner even after Nick and I were married. I remember there came this point where I remember thinking "what is the point?" Nick's friends don't need to see what I have. And lets face it, I have some spectacular breasts. But I keep them under lock and key. And why? Because my body is a gift that God gave to me to share with my husband. I now consider myself a present that only Nick can unwrap, and I've gotta tell you, it makes me feel pretty darn special. I know it also makes him feel special when I ask him if something is unappropriate to wear; it shows him that I respect him enough to not feel that I need to flaunt everything I have around. I don't need to keep others interested because I am not keeping my options open. That is what it tells me when wives dress inappropriately..."yeah I'm married to him...for now." So please ladies, stand up and button up. Show your men you only have eyes for them. And you expect them to only have eyes for you.

This is a subject Nick and I researched together this year. And what I learned is astounding. Men are born with this anane sense of undressing women. Women who are sensably dressed are much easier to divert from than the ones who are showing everything they think they have. I also learned and firmly believe that as Nick's wife, my job is to protect his eyes from this crap. I am not ashamed of telling Nick when something is inappropriate. And I have slowly filtered out friends and people I don't think dress enough to be around my precious husband. I may not talk to you, I may not want you in my house, I may not want you to say my husbands name. Because I expect him to only look at me. Selfish? You bet it is, but more importantly it is responsible of me. Because as big a job as protecting Nick's eyes may be, he has the enormous task of protecting my heart. He makes sure that I am not hurt or offended by anything. When he looks at other women, it hurts my heart, and so the cycle goes.

So ladies if you know me and want to continue to know us because we are so cool, please dress modestly. Don't do it for me, do it because it is the right thing to do. Do it for your husbands. Be your husband's present. Be only for him. And if you aren't willing to do this I suggest you buy him a speedo to wear to work tomorrow because that is basically what you are doing.

Can I get an amen?
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Sunday, October 14, 2007

My New Home!

So I am going to be blogging here. Unless I absolutely am hating this, and then maybe I will move back. Either way, here I am right now. Well this weekend went well. I think that I am really liking this whole, cool weather thing going on this October. At first I was freezing, but once your body gets used to it, its not so bad. We went and got a pumkin at the pumpkin farm. As you can see, Emma is not too sure that she wants to share her wagon with a pumpkin.

We went to Babies R Us today and I can now say that we have all of the bedding for Baby Calvin. It is going to be cute. When we got home, Nick primed the walls and Emma and I booked it to the library (ha, gotta love puns!) He is now officially done with sanding the drywall so I was even able to hang some of Calvin's clothes in his closet. Here's a question for is it he still isn't even born and yet Calvin has more clothes than me? Life is just odd. So I hope you enjoy this blog. Let me know what you think with comments. Love you all!

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