Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pumpkin Eyes

I love this picture of Emma. I took it the other day when I was out raking leaves and Emma was exploring. She is just so cute and inquisitive. Here she was enjoying sticking her hands in the eyes carved into the pumpkin. We then went and washed our hands as the squirrels had been chewing on those very same eyes and I am not sure if rabies stays in squirrel saliva, but I figured we shouldn't be the ones to find out.
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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Leaves Are Falling

As I watched the leaves fall from our breakfast room window, I realized how easy it is to have the thoughts of a grown up; I don't want these thoughts. I could look at the leaves and think of how much of a mess they create: they are in the landscaping, under the fence, pooling on the walk. Instead I would like to see them as little drops of color wonderment, the down for a huge leaf bed to jump in. I look at Emma's paints and so often see a mess, a clothing disaster waiting to happen as she gets herself wet with paint water and makes her art work sopping wet. Instead I would like to see her paints as an opportunity to teach her her colors, to show her how paper absorbs water, unlike the floor, and to pass on the creativity that my Mom managed to force into me. So many events in our lives are awful, horrific events. Some events in my life are ones I wish to forget and dread the thought that Emma could ever go through something like that. And yet, I try to find my inner child when dealing with every day situations. When Emma is running around the house being silly, I can tell her to calm down as she might break something, or I can get on the floor and be silly with her. I believe something that my old friend Jackie Brady told me when I was lifeguarding, "life is based 10% on circumstances and 90% on your attitude." And how true is that? I am a Child of God and with knowing that in my heart, I can walk confidently through life with my head held high. Why should I be discouraged? Why should the shadows come? Jesus is my portion and I know He watches over me. Can I get an Amen?
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Monday, October 29, 2007

Our Little Piglet

Can I just ask the simple question of how flipping cute is Emma?
So this weekend was one of Halloween Fun for the Witwer household. Saturday we carved Emma's pumpkin which you can see next to her. Nicholas decided to make her a kitty cat, as she loves kitty cats. Personally it kind of looks like a bat to me, but maybe I am just weird. Maybe I am weird...hee, hee, like I am not so far gone on the weird-o factor. Anyway, Sunday we then had our neighborhoods Halloween party which was so much fun. I must say, I truly love our neighborhood. There is nothing better than neighborhood comraderie (or knowing how to spell comraderie, which as you can see, I do not!). Kids were dressed as stop signs, Wizard of Oz characters, pirates, a little girl had a witch costume on that made her look like a Jon Benet type hooker. And of course there was our own little piglet. We decided to duck out of the parade this year, which seemed last year to simply be us walking around the block stepping on the back of each other's feet. Not so fun. While we were tactfully ducking out of the parade, who should arrive but Juan Manigualt. For those of you who are not familiar with our area, Juan is the republican candidate for Mayor. He is running against Nick's boss so if he wins he will be Nick's boss. Kind of awkward to say the least. So he came over and started talking to us (personally I think he was trying to get my minority vote, but hey, whatever) he was small talking with us and just kicking it around until he asked Nick where he works. You should have seen the look on this guys face when Nick responded that he works in the Economic Development Department for the City. Wow that was a priceless face. Especially entertaining was watching them interact after together after Juan found out that Nicholas is in charge of the golf course, airport, and all of the industrial. Awkward would have been nice to see as Juan has been bashing the growth in Nick's area. They did however agree on several issues so as Nick said he wasn't just standing there giggling. Going back to the party though there was a pinata, cornhole (gotta love Indiana, right?), pumpkin painting, and plenty of food. It was a beautiful day and we got some fantastic shots of our little Piglet. Hope you all had a great weekend
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Saturday, October 27, 2007


So last night we went out on a date, a real live actual date! I don't think we had been out on a date for, well, I seriously cannot remember the last time we were on a date. So we went out to eat to one of our places we used to go out on dates when we were dating. You can completely tell that we are used to having Emma with us because we had finished our meal from sitting down to having our leftovers packed up in 20 minutes. Nick said "we seriously just had a date night in 20 minutes". We are kind of pathetic. After that he asked me if I wanted to do anything and believe it or not we went shopping. Normally I would have wanted to go and get ice cream or take a walk or just be silly together, but now that we have Emma the idea of going to a store and not having to make a mad dash around to get what we need and get out sounded blissful to me. So we went shopping and found some cute dish towels and we even found a Christmas present for me for Nick to wrap and give to me. Yeah! So all in all it was a nice time and it was nice to get away. My mom watches Emma every other Friday so maybe this will become a habit for us. But it was kind of sad, I sat across the table from the man I love and we had nothing to talk about. I am scared we are going to become one of those old couples who take books to dinner and never talk to one another, they just read. They either hate one another or they are just in such perfect harmony that they know what the other is thinking at each second of the day. So that is what I am scared of...being old with Nicholas and not talking to him at all.
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Chilling at Home

So we have some freaking huge plans for today. Let me get my planner open so I can tell you all about it. Oh wait, we aren't really doing anything today! Yeah! It is rainy here although not all too cold as it has been and I am so looking forward to a day bumming around the house in our jammies spending quality family time together. We are going to be carving Emma's pumpkin tomorrow and I also have to make Christmas presents (of which I am not telling you what I am making...ha!)
We are also going to be returning our new DVD player to Best Buy because I am apparently incapable of purchasing electronic equipment. It seems that whatever I buy somehow seems to have some type of problem. I think I could go out and buy a top of the line television and the thing would probably not work. All I needed a DVD player for was to watch Baby Einstein DVD's as our conked out on us and Emma would give me those sad puppy dog eyes every morning when she couldn't watch her "Babies" as she calls them. So we bought another one and now it jumps and skips and stops at its own free will. Stupid DVD player. This is why I want to live on the frontier and spend my days churning butter.
So we will be sitting at home today if anyone needs us which I am very excited about.
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Friday, October 26, 2007

Our Autumn Door

I thought I would post a pic of our fall decorations but this picture does not do it justice. I suck at taking pictures. Anywho, behind the giant mum in the front is an arrangement of gourds followed by other mums up top. I love it. Mum is my Birthday flower as you know and since my birthday is coming up, now you know what to get me. I am writing this before I head off to work; mom took Emma so I am baby free. She is even going to watch her tonight which means Nicholas and I are off to a date night in the sun. I don't know what that means, just go with me. I seriously cannot remember the last time I was alone with that man. Strange huh, its as if we have been taken into a hostage situation by Emma and no one is allowed to escape until she has tired of eating grapes sliced in half and whole milk out of her cup. Anyway, hope you all are having good Fridays...hang in there the weekend is almost here.
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Thursday, October 25, 2007

So Freaking Pissed

So I found out by looking at her Target registry where you can list your baby's name that a friend of mine is naming her baby the same name as Emma. Now don't get me wrong, I know Emma is now the number one name for girls and I understand that that is going to be used, but the entire same name? With no call to check and see if that is okay? That is just low. Sorry but it is. Nick and I are friends with the Graverson's who also have an Emma. We don't see them too often but like to think of the four of us as kindred spirits so we called them to make sure it was okay to use Emma...not Emma's whole name but just Emma. I am so pissed. Names are something that are unique and you don't give your kid the same name as a friends kid. Mom One "This is my son Marilynn Manson" and Mom Two "and this is MY son Marilynn Manson". Weird, and now I am pissed. I have been polling other friends to see if I can be justifiably pissed or if this is crazy hormonal pregnancy pissed, and by far the numbers are heavy on the oh yeah be pissed, be very, very pissed side. So now I am mad...mad enough to slash tires...I will have to google how to slash tires or get a slashing tires for dummies book, but still the idea is there.
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Monday, October 22, 2007

Calvin's Room

Sunday Jaime came over to help paint Jerseys onto Calvin's newly painted walls. And I must say they turned out pretty darn good. Nick had the enormous job of drawing these
beasts and I must say it is a good thing the two of us are creative and artistic people...not to mention Jaime, oh my gosh that woman can paint...go you! There are still plenty of touch ups but the general idea is now on the wall and I am so proud of the whole idea. For those of you who don't know, Emma's room has dresses which were also all hand painted. So our home is very unique.
Even Emma helped with the painting (she is so cute, how does she just pick up a paintbrush and know how to pretend paint? She even dipped where paint should be.)
So all in all I think it is looking pretty darn good. Jaime had the rockin' idea of using penants as our valances. So we have two windows and I think that I will need four penants per window. So if you have any old baseball penants around that you don't want and you don't think your husband will miss, please let me know. Hope you all had a good weekend too!
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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Random Thoughts at Work

When is the last time you ate canned meat? Does anyone eat this on a regular basis? I bought corned beef in a can last week. Wasn't bad, but just weird. Nick made weird faces and yet proceeded to eat it. This is the man though who had not had spam until we were married and he loves it. Ah canned meats

Does anyone else ever see someone a little "too" excited about Halloween and wonder if they worship the devil?

I am looking for a tactful way to tell a 82 year old woman that you do not need any more wreaths and purple flowers look fake...any suggestions?

How do you know when sour cream is bad? It is cream that has soured for goodness sake. And cottage cheese. People should know how to spot these things. Because when you are pregnant all animally products smell like hairy buffalo butt anyway.

So I was showing Emma lint when we were doing laundry and I am trying how to explain what lint is...fibers of cloth and hair and other grossness?

What do you think a good man name for me would be if I were ever to become a man? I am thinking Leon might suit me.
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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Put Your Boobs Away

Put Your Boobs Away!

Everyone listen up. This is a special blog as I have been meaning to write it for a long time now. As you all should know, I am a converted modest mom. I admit, I used to dress like, well, like I was trying to find a husband. And I continued dressing in this manner even after Nick and I were married. I remember there came this point where I remember thinking "what is the point?" Nick's friends don't need to see what I have. And lets face it, I have some spectacular breasts. But I keep them under lock and key. And why? Because my body is a gift that God gave to me to share with my husband. I now consider myself a present that only Nick can unwrap, and I've gotta tell you, it makes me feel pretty darn special. I know it also makes him feel special when I ask him if something is unappropriate to wear; it shows him that I respect him enough to not feel that I need to flaunt everything I have around. I don't need to keep others interested because I am not keeping my options open. That is what it tells me when wives dress inappropriately..."yeah I'm married to him...for now." So please ladies, stand up and button up. Show your men you only have eyes for them. And you expect them to only have eyes for you.

This is a subject Nick and I researched together this year. And what I learned is astounding. Men are born with this anane sense of undressing women. Women who are sensably dressed are much easier to divert from than the ones who are showing everything they think they have. I also learned and firmly believe that as Nick's wife, my job is to protect his eyes from this crap. I am not ashamed of telling Nick when something is inappropriate. And I have slowly filtered out friends and people I don't think dress enough to be around my precious husband. I may not talk to you, I may not want you in my house, I may not want you to say my husbands name. Because I expect him to only look at me. Selfish? You bet it is, but more importantly it is responsible of me. Because as big a job as protecting Nick's eyes may be, he has the enormous task of protecting my heart. He makes sure that I am not hurt or offended by anything. When he looks at other women, it hurts my heart, and so the cycle goes.

So ladies if you know me and want to continue to know us because we are so cool, please dress modestly. Don't do it for me, do it because it is the right thing to do. Do it for your husbands. Be your husband's present. Be only for him. And if you aren't willing to do this I suggest you buy him a speedo to wear to work tomorrow because that is basically what you are doing.

Can I get an amen?
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Sunday, October 14, 2007

My New Home!

So I am going to be blogging here. Unless I absolutely am hating this, and then maybe I will move back. Either way, here I am right now. Well this weekend went well. I think that I am really liking this whole, cool weather thing going on this October. At first I was freezing, but once your body gets used to it, its not so bad. We went and got a pumkin at the pumpkin farm. As you can see, Emma is not too sure that she wants to share her wagon with a pumpkin.

We went to Babies R Us today and I can now say that we have all of the bedding for Baby Calvin. It is going to be cute. When we got home, Nick primed the walls and Emma and I booked it to the library (ha, gotta love puns!) He is now officially done with sanding the drywall so I was even able to hang some of Calvin's clothes in his closet. Here's a question for is it he still isn't even born and yet Calvin has more clothes than me? Life is just odd. So I hope you enjoy this blog. Let me know what you think with comments. Love you all!

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