Tuesday, November 27, 2007


As November closes out I am realizing how much fun Nick, Kazoo, and I are having around here. As the holiday season envelops us with its loveliness, I can't help but realize how blessed I am. One of the reminders of my blessings is our Christmas tree. Usually we have our ornaments and then the filler bulbs and candy, but this year we have so many ornaments we don't have room for any filler. I see ornaments marking our engagement, wedding, new house, baby, graduations, championships, and on and on. Not only had God blessed us with people who lovingly choose these ornaments but the events in our lives in which they mark for us.

I am blessed with the best husband a girl could hope for. He is such a good Daddy and he really cares. He comes to all of Emma's and my doctor's appointments and he asks questions and is involved. When I am just too tired or sore, he takes over with the household duties and makes sure that I am resting. In the third trimester I turn into a beast and he is patient and loving with him, letting me tell him he is horrible for getting me into this mess. He always makes sure we are taken care of, warm enough, have our slippers on, and are happy. He encourages me to do whatever I want, start a business, sell jewelry, work for Eli Lily: he has been the backbone and support system in everything I have strived for and will strive for in the future. He is one of those incredible people that people love to be around and everyone gets along with. He still makes me laugh so hard I am scared I may pee myself and I am proud to walk beside him, in every day life, and through our marriage.

I am blessed by Kazoo. She is such a little me, not only with her soft heart that breaks when she is yelled at, but also with her strong will which makes her stick with something if that is what she decides she really wants. She is so much like her daddy in that she is hilarious. She knows how to be a ham and be silly to get people to laugh. She loves to dance and sing, jump and clap, she loves life and hasn't experienced anything bad. My Grandma describes Emma's life in the phrase that "she only knows love", and it is so true. She is growing up to be such a sweet little lady that hopefully will have such a heart for the Lord and helping people.

I am blessed with our house. I love our house. Nick's brother suggested over the weekend that we sell our house and I have no idea why we would ever do that. It is such a gift to us to spend all of our time together in a nice house that is big enough for everyone and all of our possessions, and is slowly beginning to show our fingerprints on its life.

I am blessed with our car. It is such a good little car. As some of you know we were talking about getting a new car with the baby coming and I eventually felt that was so foolish: a family of four should be able to fit into a five passenger vehicle. So we are keeping it and I am so glad we are. There is nothing wrong with our car and we are teaching our children and hopefully leading by example that we don't go and get new things when what we have is still perfectly good.

I am blessed with family. My family and Nicholas' family is now my family and I feel so blessed to be surrounded by people that truly care about me and about all of us. When I feel small and worthless all I need to do is talk to family and I am reminded that they would miss me if I were gone...at least I hope they would (teehee!)

All in all, you can see I am a blessed lady. And I know that I am a blessed lady because I love the Lord with all of my heart and I know that He is watching me. He is my Abba, Daddy, who keeps me under his wing, accepts me back when I have my hard headed moments and walk out on him. He is amazing and has blessed me besides my wildest dreams. Are you blessed too?
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