Saturday, May 21, 2011

Things I've Learned Tonight

1. Target (a Target that doesn't have food) is a particularly lame place to buy eggs. Why did I think to go there to buy eggs?

2. Oh yeah to look around at everything else

3. Target is a lame place to hang out pre-prom.

4. Not cool

5. Prom attire is ug-o as of late. Yikes.

6. Or maybe people who shop at Target while in their prom dress with their prom dates need some fashion help.

7. Cinnamon rolls are horrid to make the night before. I want to eat them all. NOW.

8. It's 11:21 pm

9. Listening to Pink blaring on the radio when I am alone makes me feel not so alone in the whole "feeling lame" ordeal

10. Starbucks should make nothing that doesn't have mint in it.

11. Please excuse the double negative. I don't talk no good.

12. Good night.
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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Birthday Party.
Cat Birthday Party.
Arguing with Emma every 5 seconds for her to not tell her brother she will kill him if he doesn't get out of her room.
Getting Cal out of Em's room.
Pitching story ideas to my editor like a Cub's pitcher.
A bad Cub's pitcher.
Oh it's the Cub's for pete's sake...they're all bad pitchers.
Who are we kidding?
Watch out.
Wrapping clementine's in yarn.
Again...kitty cat party.
Shooting my son up with medicine because he's allergic to grass.
Putting new grass in.
Training the dog to pee in the ivy not the grass.
Eating leftover cinnamon rolls.
Cleaning everything.

Yeah, that's how this week has has yours been?
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