Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sick Old Cat

I must tell you that I am very sorry I have not been blogging lately. I have been terribly sick for the last week as has Calvin. Taking care of a little guy with a 102 fever while you feel as though you are dying is not very easy. The week before that Emma was sick so it has been a long couple of weeks. Today I was still sounding awful and feeling even worse so my boss sent me home early. This afternoon was the first time I have felt a little perked up which is nice. So I will write more when I have time. Right now I need to go change the laundry while I still have the motivation and my head isn't spinning! :)
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Getting Bigger

I just thought I would post a picture of how big Calvin is getting. I cannot believe my little boy is almost 14 months old! He is so close to crawling and he is just so inquisitive about everything. He watches his sister wash her hands every day and the other day he crawled up on the stool and was trying to get the pump soap out and then tried to reach the faucet. Can you believe how big the kids get in your life? Before you know it they are 14 months old and then 14 and beyond. Yikes!
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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our Weekend of Love

This past weekend was just heavenly. We dropped the kids off at Nick's mom's house early Saturday morning and took off for Brown County. We had a nice drive until we got pulled over and ticketed for Nick driving 17 over! Ouch that is going to hurt! We continued on our way, albeit a little slower and arrived in Indy to do some shopping at some of our favorite stores. After that we headed down to Brown County where we stopped at a couple of winery's, shopped, and dined together. Boy how Nicholas can make me laugh. I forgot how funny he truly is, especially when he is trying to make me laugh. Oh boy that is one of the reason's I fell in love with him. After Brown County we went to our hotel, the Hotel Indigo. This is the way hotels are supposed to be. It was modern yet very inviting. They have an adorable puppy named Miles that greets you. I just fell in love with all of the details they spared no expense with...the huge array of umbrellas at the door for your use, the fish you could take up to your room if you were lonely, the alive garden in the cafe, the soft music playing in your room when you enter, the brand new pod coffee maker, the Aveda products, the earth friendly efforts. All of it was just amazing. I felt pampered and appreciated. Nick and I changed into our suits and explored the hot tub before getting ready for our big dinner out at Smith's Row. We split the Ribeye for two, which was in fact in the shape of a heart in case you were wondering. We teased one another, we talked, we reminisced, we fell more in love than we ever have been. One thing I realized this weekend was that this guy really does love me. He doesn't want me to change, he loves me just the way I am and that is such a comforting feeling. I am still trying to change but he loves me even if I don't. After dinner we went to bed and it was so nice to fall asleep in those arms and know there wasn't an alarm set for miles around. Do you know how late I slept? Guess! 7:15. Isn't that pathetic? My big getting away to get some sleep landed me in a comfy bed waking up before 8 am! Geesh am I getting old. It was nice to lay in bed and watch television though. Sunday we stopped and went outlet mall shopping, as well as going to Trader Joes and Homegoods. For lunch we decided to drive up to the old suburb we used to live in and pay our past a visit by eating at a Mexican restaurant we used to be regulars at. It was kind of surreal being there again. After that we were home bound. You know usually I want to stay on vacation because it is so much fun and I just don't want to go home, but not this time. This time I wanted to get home...I love our life, I love our children, and I love, love, love my husband. I consider myself so freaking lucky to have him in my life. He is so handsome, so funny, so tender, so sweet, so everything I never thought I would find. Now here I am, 5 years into a marriage with him and I am still pinching myself, feeling this is too good to be true. I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's as well and were able to fall in love with your mate in the same way that I was. Nicholas is the biggest way God shows his love for me. Without him I would be lonely but I also wouldn't have these perfect children.

Here's what our bed looked like

Here's our hotel room

At a wine and chocolate get grown up of us!

Taking goofy pictures while shopping...I love that man

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Flowers

For Valentine’s Nick gave me flowers, and let me tell you it was definitely in Nick and Lindsay fashion. Our first Valentine’s fell about two weeks after Nick had “officially” asked to court me, so granted there wasn’t much time to prepare. He had asked for the flowers to be delivered to his dorm room so he could sign the card and give them to me when he saw me for dinner. However during the day I got flowers: beautiful purple roses. The front desk girl at our dorm said that the card was blank, they might now be for me, so if they weren’t I would have to bring them back down. Thanks…I guess. So I half way enjoyed them, not wanting to become commited to them, until I knew they were mine. Fast forward to this past Tuesday when what should arrive at our door during dinner but a flower delivery. The card said “thanks for a wonderful weekend together. I love you.” We were planning on going out of town this weekend and the flowers were supposed to come next Tuesday. All I could do was laugh. Nick said “well I guess last weekend was okay with you.” Which I found to be hilarious. Maybe one of these days the poor guy will get it right, but if not that’s okay with me. He keeps me on my toes. A dear friend once heard a story similar to this one about us and said “that’s so you guys.” I heart that phrase. I love we have dubbed quirky and weird things that happen like this.
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hitting the Pavement

Spring is here! Well for a couple days. In reality I know that it is only mid February and we will probably be facing snow again in the near future. It was a nice feeling though to have Spring like weather here. This past weekends temperatures hit almost 60 and we were able to take the kids outside. Here are a couple of pics of the kids enjoying the weather. I am so happy Calvin gets to go outside. I think he is going to love it come summer being outside...what did you do during this heat wave last weekend?
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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Caring About What's Important in 2009

photo by rynna

For Christmas the love of my life bought me a new planner! Which consequently means a New Year! Can you believe 2009 is here and flying by already? This year means the following for me: I have been out of high school for 9 years, out of college for 5. I've been married for 6 years, have known Nick for 8. Emma will be 3, Calvin will be one. And I am happier than I've ever been. This year I will have a birthday for 28. As much as that seems young to some people, it is old to others. As I age the predicted is coming true: I am starting to not care what others think of me. I am learning to find true happiness in just being. I know that some people are still caught up in what labels your clothing has, who has what kind of hairstyle, and trying to keep up with the Jones'. But I am pretty much over those things now and am focusing on things like my family and keeping them safe and happy. Those are the kinds of things that make me happy. I am also discovering what drives me and what makes me truly happy. Organization and the feeling of bettering myself and accomplishment drive me; bubble baths, magazine reading and blogging make me happy. In this year I would like to truly challenge you to look deep into yourself and try to figure yourself out so you can be happy. What makes you happy? What are you doing that doesn't make you happy? And why are you still doing those things? Put foolishness of caring what others think behind you and focus on yourself and your family this year.
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Monday, February 9, 2009

We are kind of weird

Isn't Emma just the cutest?

Hello Stepford Wives...Calv is scared I am going to suck out his brain!

I don't care what you think...these are the most handsome men alive! Ooh lala!
In case you were dying to know, when we are actually running ON TIME and have a few minutes to spare before leaving for church...this is what we do. We take goofy pictures of one another. Thought you would enjoy. Geesh I love my family. Hope you all are having a fabulous week!

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Abundant Savings

I want to share with you the new love of my life. It is a website called Abundant Food Savings. It is a great place for coupons, freebies, and information. I like going there just because it always has something new for me to sign up for or catch up on...its like the gossip column for coupons which is awesome! Being a busy mom and wife it is oh so easy to get behind on what is the best deal around and what is free with the sale and coupon here or there. With this site I at least feel as though I am still in the loop, and being in the loop helps me to still feel sane! Check it out and let me know what you think.
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Friday, February 6, 2009

The Two Me's Don't Match

photo courtesy of Bonnix (Scotty)
From the title do you now think that I have a personality disorder? Let me explain before you call the psych ward...please! :) Anywho I recently have realized that I have this view of myself and my life and I don't think it exactly matches how I am living and how the world sees me. I will explain and then I am BEGGING for you to comment to let me know which view is minds view of me or the world's view of me.

My minds view:

In my mind's view I am naiive. Way too young to be a mom. I have to struggle for everything. I am in a constant struggle to keep all of the balls in the air so no one can see how inadequate I am at everything. I am constantly wondering why my husband chose me and if he would rather not be with me simply because I think he deserves better. I am a sale savage...anything I get I get it because it happens to be on sale. I am poor. People judge me instantly and don't like me. I may have a college degree but people know that I have no idea what I am doing. I have nothing in common with the people around me because they are all better than me. They drive nicer cars, wear better clothes, live in better neighborhoods. In constantly feel that I do not deserve God's grace: other people do but surely not me.

The World's View:

I am a 27 year old of two wonderful children. I plan activities, their clothes are clean, and they eat good foods. We eat fresh produce, home cooked meals every night, with many organic ingredients. I take care of my family. I search for sales and good deals so my family can maximize the money that we have. People think I am nice but very shy or possibly stuck up. They don't understand why I don't talk to them. I am in the upper middle class with a college degree, two nice cars, and a house in a nice neighborhood. 95% of my clothes are from the Gap and Banana Republic. My children wear name brand clothing and shoes. My husband adores me and we laugh together all of the time. We fight daily but understand that it is because we are both passionate about the same things. I am clothed in God's grace because he chose to give it to me because I asked, not because of anything I did to be deserving.

Your turn...which one do you think describes me? Be honest now! Do you ever feel this way as well?
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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Go-to Foods

photo by dabasir
I think every mom has an arsenal of foods that they can just grab and give to their kids. I have some that are the first thing I find myself reaching for at meal times. What are yours? Are you proud of them or do you wince when you reach for them, thinking there should be healthier things that you should be grabbing for? Here are some of the things I am reaching for:

Gerber cereal bites (Emma calls them little flowers)

Whole Wheat Club Crackers
Barbara's Shredded Bites cereal

Shredded Cheese


Most of these things I think are pretty darn good. The kids also enjoy a variety of vegetables and other fruit but these are my go to things that I know the kids will love to eat. The only things I really have my qualms about are the Club crackers simply because of the salt and the fact that I often wonder if they are getting too many carbs.

One of my tricks for getting Emma to eat is to give the food to Calvin first. She seems to think that she needs to outdo him by eating what he eats.

What are your tricks to get your kids to eat? What are your go to foods that you pick for your children?
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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Our New Easel

Emma at her new easel

I was so impressed with this deal that I just had to share it. Emma has been due for an easel for some time now and we are thinking that Auntie Bean is getting one for her for her third birthday. She loves this easel and has so much fun with it. When I saw this one I couldn't help but get it. Even if it doesn't last long it is still considered such a deal. I was at Target Friday just browsing when I saw it on the clearance rack. I found it for $4.24 which was 75% off. Isn't that amazing? Get out there and look for deals!

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Calvin is One

January 10th we celebrated Calvin's first Birthday. It was a wonderful time and it was so nice to get our friends and family together. I am still kind of in shock that Cal is already one. I had this idea this morning that maybe this is all some type of mind game; maybe I am dreaming and he isn't really One already, he is still 4 months old and small and snuggly with that cute little bottom that fits in your hand when you are holding him. But then I woke up and realized that there is snow on the ground, it is January again and so in fact he is One. I just can't grasp it. It also probably has something to do with the fact that this is our last baby, who in fact officially isn't a baby anymore. My precious little guy is getting older and soon won't need me anymore. As much as I rejoice in Calvin growing and thriving, it is also depressing that he is getting older and closer to having one foot out the door.

Here's our Birthday boy all geared up for cake!

With an eye on the party, we had a wonderful time. I decided to go with a sports themed first birthday. It started when Cal was first born and I found really cute first birthday supplies at Target with sports balls on them. Score! I thought, as I planned to watch them on clearance, scoop them up and save big. But alas they were gone in a wink of an eye and have never been able to find anything even closely like it. So I bought general sports things and tied into "I am One" kind of stuff. My lovely cousin Jaime designed and made a banner that says "Happy 1st Calv" with pennants. Totally cute and totally cheap for a unique banner. Almost all of the paper products I bought at the dollar store and most of the decorations too. I have to say if you are going to buy something for a party, look at the Dollar Store first. I know it smells in there but it is totally worth it for the money you can save. Things these days are tight so the most you can save will really make a difference.

Calv in his Birthday outfit. Thanks Uncle Marcy!

With the sports theme we went with concession stand food but in appetizer form: pizza bites, scoop chips I piped cheese into, cocktail weiners in a blanket, wings, cookies, and cake. It was a nice mix of food. Make sure if you are looking to make money to not make things with a lot of meat or cheese...those are the things that will really eat into your budget. Just an idea.

Here's Emma outside while her Daddy is shoveling before the party.

This party was one where I can add a piece of advice to the next time you are party planning: make it simple. At first the sports themed one-year old party seemed like a good idea but I couldn't find any continuity between the two themes. I wish I would have just gone with a "fun at 1" party theme or something. It would have been much easier.

Here is Calvin before the handsome.

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

I Have Returned

Lindsay here. I am back as promised. Whew what a whirlwind of a time. It seems kind of late to be talking about in February, but we had a fantastic Christmas and such a relaxing New Year' about you? Did you enjoy everything that happened? Are you still savoring your memories? I personally am still buying Christmas items on clearance. I came home Friday and Nick said "oh great more Christmas stuff." But at 90% off you can't go wrong. My one and only resolution at New Year's was to become more organized. I am by nature an organized person so the fact that my house has been turning into a wreck every day has been sending me into panic attacks. So I vowed to become more organized. Even doing simple things like cleaning off the refrigerator has helped me find my inner peace. Look around your house and see what you can do. I moved where I keep the produce and it has changed my life. Just simple things like that can be done.

Anywho, thank you for coming back to read the life and times of Lindsay. I hope you enjoy. And please leave me a comment or two...I missed you too!
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