Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hospital Bag

As I am slowly reaching my due date Nicholas suggested that I should begin packing my bag for the hospital. Yeah we are almost there! I am trying to think of what I should pack and for the life of me cannot remember what I need. Due to a number of various painkillers all mixed together, I cannot remember the hospital experience very well. I remember when I came home and finally unpacked my bag I thought that a bunch of the things I had brought were kind of silly as I had never used them; I just can't remember what those silly items were. So I went to a baby website to get a list of what to take, but even that seemed silly: aromatherapy candles, a bathing suit for your husband, cd's. Does anyone have any "can't live without" items that I should pack? What did you find that you did and didn't need? I have the obvious down: shampoo, soap, slippers, jammies, clothes home, etc. But the fluff things, what do you think I need?
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Aunt Jan said...

You need a very good hand cream. The water is murder at hospitals. Do not do a lotion. Go with a good cream that will hold up. Also a lip balm. The air is very dry and your lips will be so thankful, and so will Nick! Uncle Bill brought me a headset as I could plug right into the TV in my room. That way you can watch TV and no one can hear you and you will not disturb your bed mate if you have one. Just a few off the top of my head!
Aunt Jan