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Welcome to my page! 

My name is Lindsay.  I love the verse from Titus, instructing women to be busy at home.  But I'm not busy... I am "Super Busy at home"! with housekeeping, organizing, crafting, homeschooling, being a helpmate, and loving this life that God has blessed me with.

I am married to my college sweetheart, Nick.  We have been married 9 years are vested in to making sure we fall in love again and again.

I am a midwest girl, born and raised.  Lived her all my life.  I have one grandmother from South Carolina and one from North Carolina, so I was brought up on Southern experiences and foods...I like to think I'm secretly a southern belle deep down. ;)

We have two of the most amazing children, Emma and Calvin.  Calvin has Autism which you'll sometimes here me rant and rave about.  Emma is 6 and Calvin is 4...they keep me busy as I figure out all of this Mommy business!

I am an all over the place type of gal.  Finances, saving money, crafting, photography, reading, cooking, baking...I like to try it all.  And you get to read me attempting to figure all of this out :)

Grab yourself a mug, take a coffee break and relax with me for a bit.  If nothing else, it'll be interesting as I chronicle this real-time life of mine!
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