Monday, October 22, 2007

Calvin's Room

Sunday Jaime came over to help paint Jerseys onto Calvin's newly painted walls. And I must say they turned out pretty darn good. Nick had the enormous job of drawing these
beasts and I must say it is a good thing the two of us are creative and artistic people...not to mention Jaime, oh my gosh that woman can paint...go you! There are still plenty of touch ups but the general idea is now on the wall and I am so proud of the whole idea. For those of you who don't know, Emma's room has dresses which were also all hand painted. So our home is very unique.
Even Emma helped with the painting (she is so cute, how does she just pick up a paintbrush and know how to pretend paint? She even dipped where paint should be.)
So all in all I think it is looking pretty darn good. Jaime had the rockin' idea of using penants as our valances. So we have two windows and I think that I will need four penants per window. So if you have any old baseball penants around that you don't want and you don't think your husband will miss, please let me know. Hope you all had a good weekend too!
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