Sunday, February 20, 2011

What I've Been Working On

This week has been busy! Crazy busy but super fun too! Monday Emma had her Valentine's Party at school which I was in charge of. We had a lot of fun! Thursday we had Cal's meeting at the public school for his therapy evaluation. I am super pleased to say that they tested his intelligence, fine motor skills, gross motor, and on and on with the speech tests. He tested either on the high end of normal or way over normal into advanced on everything except articulation. So he will be going to speech therapy once a week at the school. We were happy to hear that they even have it pinpointed what sounds he needs to be working on and which ones he's gotten really good at. :)

Here are some other things/projects I've started this week:

I am writing a story on a school having a "turn off your tv week"'s due tomorrow. I guess I should get started :/

We are ripping apart our attic. Even if we don't use it as a homeschool workspace we will need it for the kids to play up there. I am so excited to see how it turns out. Nick is taking down a wall to add space to the non-storage part of the attic. Yippee!

Ripping apart the attic means that we are getting rid of things, organizing what we have and getting it all in tip top shape. So the clothes and toys are going to a resale. I am THRILLED to be a part of a Christian Woman's goes along with the Proverbs 31 principles of making money out of your home by being resourceful and to help others in their community. (And off the record any baby stuff is or has been passed down to family) have no idea how many big guy clothes I is unbelievable! It is also neat that the sale is at the church I grew up at, First Church, so it is super cool to get to see how it's still smells the same if anyone knows what I mean. It's just a nice walk down memory lane :)

We also have gobs of stuff that Nick's cousin gave us...some of it they wanted back so we are getting all of that together to return. We are going to Chicago to visit them next weekend and we are all super excited!!!! We are going to IKEA and a few other stores that we just love!!! Yippeee!!!! So we will have that stuff out of our house too which will feel nice. I have been so concerned with keeping it nice...we just keep shuffling it back and forth from one placce to the other to make sure that it is out of the way.

Organizing. I am sure that it is the whole spring cleaning bug but lately I have been in the mood to organize! It all seems to go together in this house which is just wonderful. The children have tried all of their summer clothing on to see what still fits (that is in fact how little our children grow)...the too small are going into the sale and the still fits are now freshly organized and ready to be worn...if only the weather would cooperate!

Easter outfits. I know I am a dork but I like us all to have a general theme for holidays. I'm thinking seersucker this year so watch out everyone!!!! My Aunt Jan passed down a wicked good deal for photos so I need to get the outfits picked out so we can have those done...thanks again!!!

Emma's Birthday Party. I can't believe that it really is only about 2 and a half months away. This is her first birthday party with friends coming so she is super excited. She also wants to make the cake with me instead of Auntie Bean so we'll see how this goes folks!!! Yikes, the four year old is putting the squeeze on me!

Our yard. Have you seen this thing??? We've finally surrendered and admitted that we need some professional help! We've spoken with a few landscape companies about coming in after the snow's gone for a consultation...soil samples, on and on. I am just wanting to get it done so we at least have a tiny yard our kids can at least play in without getting all muddy.

So that's what I've got going on right now. How about you???

Happy Lord's Day everyone!!!
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

*Disclaimer: this is a super sappy story. I had doubts about sharing it because it is so private and is now a sacred moment to me.*

On our way home from vacation we passed through Indianapolis. Nick lived there when he was single and then we lived there when we were married so it's a virtual treasure trove of memories. Our antique mall. Our old church. His old neighborhood.

We passed a golf course and Nick told me he used to go hit balls there.

"alone?" I asked stunned. It's weird to think of someone you are with and who goes golfing now with multitudes of men doing something alone.

"Well yeah, I used to do everything alone." he told me.

"That's so sad" I told him. "I don't like the thought of you being alone."

"Well I was. I was waiting for you."

He was waiting for me. This means so much to me on so many levels. But he was waiting for me, and his little heart just knew it. Maybe that's why he said he felt like he had come home when we met. We were just waiting for one another.

It sure makes me feel even crappier for standing him up. Twice. :/
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Grocery Shopping

Well last night was our grocery shopping night. Yeah, said not so enthusiastically.

Every Monday my parents come over and watch the kids. The children love it. They also have piano lessons so really we're killing two birds with one stone.

While my parents are here Nick and I duck out to go Grocery Shopping.

My confession here is that I used to hate having Nick go grocery shopping with me. He was always throwing things into the cart. But we set ground rules so now we are okay:
*I leave a little bit of money in the budget to allow for the said throwing in of items
*he knocks it off...for the most part.

So anyway, now it kind of feels like a date, which I know is dumb because it is so utilitarian, but's my grocery shopping and I can view it as a date if I want to!

Anyway, while perusing the produce section I was going over our menu for the week and he just stopped me and kissed me. Romantic fall off your chair kind of kiss.

"I'm just glad you're a wife that wants to make me dinner. I don't care what it is."

See? This is why Grocery shopping feels like a date!!!!

In other news Nick came home with a tractor tire.

It weighs 300 pounds. And when rolling through our yard is taller than me.

Oh boy and yippee all at the same time!
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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Our Weekend

We sat in a cozy booth Friday afternoon and ordered lunch. I stared at him, I laughed at his jokes, the food came. We bowed our heads, and he prayed, "may we please have a fall in love kind of weekend Lord". We lifted our heads and I couldn't help but smile.

I am already so in love with my husband. But the weekend helped too.

This past weekend Nick took me to our favorite little place. It was divine.

Friday afternoon we rolled into town and found that there were only a few shops opened. We sat and had a wonderful lunch then just meandered around in the sunshine. It was almost 50 degrees there, which compared to the -15 windchill we've been used to felt heavenly.

We went to one store where Nick always gets lemon drops. I saw him walk up to the counter with a rolling pin. "What are you doing?" I asked him.

"You've wanted this. I want you to have it."

The fact that he remembered brought tears to my eyes. He remembered. And not only that, he cared.

Dinner was at a new brewery. We tried to find a new place for dessert but everything was already closed so we settled on a winery with live music. I don't think I've laughed that hard in a long, long time. All of these drunk people were up dancing and Nick was making fun of them. Ah, how making fun of people makes me laugh. Nick's been dancing like them in my kitchen now which is equally laughable.

The next day we shopped, we had an amazing day all around. It was a long, long day though as it started with me working out in the hotel and ended with us lugging two sleeping children upstairs in the very, very late hours of the night when we got home. So it ended with a workout too.

We know that we are truly blessed by our marriage. God has created us for one another. There isn't any tension of trying to shove pieces together that just aren't meant to be. We've always been made for one another. But we do work on it. Some friends don't work on their marriage at all and for us to see, it's just sad. You've gotta take the time folks.

Nick makes me laugh. A lot. He's hands down the funniest person I've ever met. But he also still gives me butterflys after 10 years. And that's pretty hard to do after that amount of time. Anyone that just turns around in the middle of the street and kisses you is bound to give you butterfly's, right?

I am definitely one lucky girl to have him. Nope, scratch that. I'm a blessed girl to have him...I know luck has nothing to do with it. And we definitely had a fall in love kind of weekend :)
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Monday, February 7, 2011

He Needs an...Operation!

This is Buzz...he's tiny. MAYBE two inches tall. Cal has approximately 6 Buzz Lightyear's and yet this is the one he insists on carrying everywhere. Well last week his leg broke. Have you ever had to hunt down a small plastic leg that's about half an inch tall. Not fun, folks. Surgery was inevitable for young Buzz Lightyear:

Here's Buzz Lightyear all fixed. As you can see I make a lousy surgeon and his legs all turned in and wonky. It is also now somehow longer than the other one. I gave him to Cal and said "well here you go. I don't think he'll ever walk again." To which Cal started crying. Remember buddy? How he could NEVER walk before? Geesh :)
Alright this picture is wonky...but here we are with the tape...Buzz's only hope

Ugh...what a sad picture. Do you like the doctor stuff? See how we're using all of this stuff Aunt Jan? Heehee. And isn't Buzz gross? He's all dirty from someone carrying him around all of the time. And the paint is coming off his head.
He's definitely well loved. We'll see how long his leg can hold on this time....

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Making Valentine's

It's official. The kids and I are starting to go crazy. Being in the house all of the time is wearing on all of us. We've tried going out to play in the snow...goodness have we. Cal HATES the snow. He'll stay outside for maybe all of 2 minutes and then he's sobbing and begging to go inside. It's probably scary to have snow up to your ears :)

Yesterday I pulled out all the stops. I'm realizing that for us to have some more fun outside of the normal stuff we are going to have to make a mess. Yesterday we made the craft kind of mess. It was a lot of fun.

The kids have their own "art cart" with oodles of stuff to do, but we always do a craft every day and I could tell that they were b.o.r.e.d. So I went up to the third floor and brough down all of my scrapbooking stuff. That seemed to do the trick...we got to work making Valentine's.

Emma's a glittler lover-all the way. Too cute! :)
Cal is so thoughtful. He asked for a green heart for Daddy since that's his favorite color

Here are our busy bees...they worked on these things forever...such a blast!
It's nice that they are at the age now where we can all work on something together. Before it's been I'm trying to help Emma with a craft and help Cal with playing something and we've never really been able to have fun together! Now they can both do the same thing and they seem to really enjoy it! :)
Next weekend Nick and I are going out of town to....
I know I am such a dork. It's not a cruise. It's not some slutty beach trip. Nope, we're going to our boring favorite place on earth. Nick surprised me with the trip actually. I knew something was up when he was on the phone and slammed the door in my face to keep me away. hmmm, that's not usual. Awhile later he told me the news...he'd been on the phone with our travel agent putting something together. The little weasel.
It will be nice to get away and just be the two of us. I love that man so much. Eeeeek!
I made him a Valentine yesterday too :)

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Lymphoma Free

Thank you all for your prayers and support! Nick called the doctor's office today and they reported that his tests and x-rays all came back looking great.


I guess we had been nervous over nothing! Diabetes was also something that we were thinking may be wrong, but it looks like he is fine.

He called me this morning and said "well it looks like I'm not going to die...yet." He is just so funny :)
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Freaking Out

Quick update on Nick...

Yesterday was his appointment with the doctor. The cute little goofball scheduled the appointment during Emma's ballet lesson so I couldn't be there. Geesh.

He went in for his foot to see why it's been hurty again.

And then they kind of shocked us. Nick's been having these other problems on top of the foot so they did some blood work and x-rays. We are waiting to hear back on if he has Lymphoma. Oh. Great.

I am trusting God the best that I can that he doesn't have it. I keep looking at him thinking "he'd be kind of gray-ish if he were sick, right?" He would be weak and sick. Nick is always so's one of his great traits that drives me insane!

So we are waiting. Waiting and waiting. I praise God that they had all of the stuff in the office to take his blood and do the x-rays...he could have been referred to somewhere else and then that could have taken days and days. Hopefully we will hear the results today.

Yesterday to get our (read my) mind off things I took Nick up on his offer to go buy a new coffee maker. A little history on the coffee maker. We have a Cuisinart Mill and Brew. I hate it. We've had it for 2 years maybe? The thing keeps turning off when it's making coffee.

Yesterday it turned off 4 times.

So we went coffeemaker shopping. We found one at Bed Bath and Beyond that was $200.00. Nick was set on that was nice. But here's my problem...I don't work and I'm the only one who drinks coffee...I have a really hard time justifying something like that for just me in my head when it is $200.00. So we kept looking. We went to this place called the Christmas Tree Shop.

They had one I really liked...Cuisinart which stinks, but and stainless steel...ooh, la, la. The only problem was they only had the floor model. Bummer. Nick tracked someone down and found out they would let us buy it for $40.00! Are you kidding me??? So we snatched it up and took it home. It can break next month and I think I will have gotten my money out of the thing.

Anyway, the only reason I tell that story is because I felt as if it were God smacking me upside the head with a coffee maker saying "do you see this? I always take care of you. Even in the little things. Stop. Freaking. Out" God has to tell me to stop freaking out a lot in life.

Please just keep us in your prayers. I'll let you know as soon as we know anything and in the meantime I am going to stop freaking out.
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nick Update...Resuming These I guess :/

I am tired of this man of mine being sick. Ugh.

Night Sweats.
Back Pain.
Foot weirdness.

I touched on this just briefly in a blog I wrote yesterday, but in case you have been AWOL. They think Nick's infection is back. And if you have been AWOL for a REALLY long time, Nick was hospitalized for three days in December with a staph infection. No idea how he got it.

He said his foot has felt funny but not hurty or itchy like it did and then yesterday he said that it was starting to feel like it had before (whatever that's like the guy speaks limeric or something). So he called the doctor...they started him on the strongest antibiotic (again, ugh) and he goes into the doctor Thursday.

I am trying to be cool about this but you know me, I'm a worrier :/ I am reasoning that if it were really serious they'd get him in before Thursday, right? I just keep thinking the worst possible scenarios...diabetes, or cancer, or.... ????

And yes by the way, I fully understand that I am insane. Nick makes sure that I am fully aware of this fact and how I carry things too far and let myself get too wrapped up in things. I'm working on it! But for now please just pray for him. Poor guy :(
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Photo provided

I wanted to share with you this blog that I stumbled upon and love, Love, LOVE! Her blog is called The Activity Mom. She does super cool things that makes me feel like a horrid mother because I apparently have a lack at a knack for creativity! If her and I were in a group I'd be labeled "The Lazy Mom" Lucky thing I found this gal! :)

I love that she has all kinds of ideas and crafts for learning. I also love that she has a ton of simple ideas for toddlers that she titles "Baby Activity". So if you are like me and are stuck in a rut, check her out. With all of this snow we have all been going a little stir crazy and now I have tons of ideas for activities! Yippee, thanks Activity Mom! :)

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