Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mama No!

From the moment my feet touched the stairs to hook up my Coffee IV this morning, Calvin was screaming "Mama, no!" I think he thought I was going to work right that second. After 15 minutes of relentless crying I went to get him. Poor dear. He had thrown everything out of his bed and had a huge armfull of his comforter. You could tell he was trying to figure out how the heck he was going to lug that thing out of the crib. It was so cute and he looked so excited to see me.
I put him into bed with Daddy and he just snuggled all in. He was definitely not happy to see me go this morning and it just broke my heart to have to leave him.
Right now I am living with the verse "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart" in my heart. The desire of my heart is to be at home with those precious children. There is nothing I want more. So I am delighting myself in God and I am faithful that in His time I will get to be at home with my babies.
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Aunt Jan said...

When Praetorian says "Mommy don't go to work" Lizz or Chris will say to him. "Well, do you want that new Thomas the Tank engine we saw the other day at Walmart?" Of coures he says "YES!!!" "Well Mommy and Daddy need to go to work and make money so we can buy you food and food for Spartan (the dog) and clothes and toys" Then Praetorian says "Ok Mommy see you tonight" It is so darn cute! Even at this young age they know they want 'stuff' so if you explain it to Calvin (and Emma too), I bet he will be ok with just Dad for the day. I know you are thinking of the love and care you can give the kids all day but they will be happy to see you when you get home knowing you are making money so they can get 'stuff'. Not a good way to look at it but kids relate to it this way, sorry. Love ya Aunt Jan