Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Autumn Loveliness

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Today is Wednesday and it is beautiful. Don't you just love Autumn? There is something so rejuvenating about the season. There are leaves to rake of course but there are also mugs of Apple Cider to sip and lots of cuddling to do. I love when you step outside and it just SMELLS like Autumn. In our little corner of the world is has been terribly cold. I thought perhaps we would never see a real Autumn. But I am very thankful that God brought the warmer weather back and it has been here for the past week. Ah, Fall and I can resume our love affair! I hope you all are enjoying today wherever you may be. Step outside and take a deep gulp of God's lovely Autumn air!

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1 comment:

Aunt Jan said...

Thanks for showing us a picture of your new house!! Are you going to have Thanksgiving there?? Should be fun making cookies this year with the new kitchen you put in with 2 new ovens!! See you soon!!
Love Aunt Jan