Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gluten Boy

As we are researching Apraxia we are finding that some Apraxic kids have responded well to having a diet free of Gluten. I am curious if any of my readers (or should I say lurkers since I am talking to those of you who view but never leave comments :)...) have ever had a gluten free diet. I am wondering if there is some sort of super center for Gluten free food. Because seriously a loaf of bread costs $8.00 if it is gluten free.
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Aunt Jan said...

The only thing I know about gulten free diets is one day the four of us were sitting at one of the taverns in Willimasburg having lunch in an upstairs room. (Long time ago when both boys were still at home) This lady at the table close by us began giving the waitress a hard time because her daughter could not eat anything with gluten in it. The poor waitress was so upset since the lady could not explain what she ment by gluten free. The whole meal was ruined because this lady just could not explain herself, and that the room was the size of a small bedroom we were eating in , so everyone was in on the whole mess. Sorry that is the only thing I have to give you. Not many people are aware of it so you have a long road ahead of you on this one. You will need to do some homework. Love ya Aunt Jan