Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wrestling-Our New Pastime

Recently my children have taken on practicing for WWF matches. Calvin usually starts it by full force running into Emma. Before I know it they are on the floor trying to kill one another. The weird thing is they both LOVE it...all they do is giggle the whole time. I swear you would think they were a couple of boys instead of my sweet little baby and precious little girl trying to pummel one another. I definitely think Calvin's down.
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Aunt Jan said...

Pretty soon Calvin will be able to take Emma down with one fell swoop! Then the fun begins. Look out Emma, I had a brother too who pounced on me until I was old enough to drive (before he could) and he wanted me to take him everywhere!!
Arn't brothers fun to have around?

Linds said...

That's right you did! You and Emma will have to compare notes...I'm sure you have some pointers too.