Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Eve of Saint's Day!

Hope you all are having a fantastic Halloween! We are having a splendid time with our little Woody and Buzz. How cute are these two? Because I am super cheap we try to find costumes that can be used for more than just halloween. Their outfits are actually pajamas and they are super excited that they get to wear them to bed! Emma's boots are from Gymboree and look adorable with skirts :) and her handkerchief we already had...her hat's from the Dollar Store. I made Cal's wings and he loves them which makes me so happy to have kids who are happy with simple things. I know they will probably say "I wanted ones from the store!" when they are older but for now they are happy with the simple things.
Anyway tonight we are going to go trick or treating on one street in our neighborhood and then we are going to my Grandma's...hope you all have a wonderful night! BOO!

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