Saturday, September 18, 2010


Happy Weekending! Hope you have lots of plans for the next couple days! Today is kind of crammed packed. Nicholas has to work today so I am taking Emma to Hockey alone...with Cal in tow. I always get more anxious about these situations than necessary but its hard to get her dressed and not know where I am going and then watch her fall 8000 times and try to keep Cal occupied for the hour that we are there and...see? I really am crazy because all of that plays in my mind! Anyway...

Look! Do you see it? Little baby grasses!!! Isn't it exciting??? By golly we just cannot get grass to grow. But look, here it is starting! You would probably come here and say "really dude? There's hardly any grass..." but don't rain on parade! Grass is grass. Hopefully this will just keep growing as we've had four failed attempts this year alone!
And in other exciting news Nick fixed my duck! My mom got this for me as a joke because I like those lawn geese which, yes, I know are stupid but I think they are fun! So this one sits on my counter but its legs had fallen off...oh poor little duck. Now its back in action. Its dressed in pink to match my kitchen of course!

Well we've had this jungle gym thing since Emma turned one. The kids had grown tired of it but as you can see we've rekindled our interest in it. I think now we are playing lets see who can climb over the fence with it, which would mean that it would have to go away but for now they are playing nicely with it.

Here we are going on a walk. Oh look we are walking by the Mayor's house...who by the way LOVES pie. You know, your husband works closely with the man every single day, we live 3 houses down, and have numerous conversations. Sure they know Nick, everyone in this bloody town knows Nick, but not me. Nope, I'm the hispanic looking woman who no one one knows that is until you start baking pies. Yeah, NOW you know me :). They are cute and fun though so its okay. Anywho (that was a tangent, right?) I love when Nick is home to go to the park with just makes my little heart hiccup with joy.

And see what we saw? Fall is coming to us! So excited about this. I don't have a picture but funny story. While at the park we saw a one legged goose which was just so sad. Anyway sad until it kept dive bomb flying at us. So Nick called Animal Control because the blasted thing was at the playground which is so not cool. Nick failed to tell them that the goose was FLYING at us so I chided him saying, "you know that probably just dispatched out as 'Don some guys scared of a one legged goose walking towards him.' " Right? I mean we sound insane. But they did come out...

We've been sick. Yuck. I think we are finally on the mend, thank the Lord. As I mentioned yesterday the doctor thinks Cal has asthma. And yesterday I think he may have had a bit of an asthma attack! Yikes! Its hard to tell with the cold what is cold related and what is asthma but blue-ish lips, sounds like he's grunting when he's breathing. Short little breaths, yep, I think it was an attack. Anyway me being the stellar parent I was I left and Nick gave him the breathing treatment thing. Nick said he did better with the treatment so he must need it. The doctor said they really only know if its asthma if it responds to the medication. And why did I leave you may ask??? I try not to be a bad parent but I am writing an article on a movie premier that was last night. Didn't want to go but had to. It was a childrens movie so I dragged Emma along too. Her hacking cough got us lots of glowers from people...glare on people, glare on.
So that's our update in a nutshell. After the hockey practice there is a plethora of things to do including the Ladies Auxilary thrift sale, a neighboring historic districts annual garage sale (love!), and a fall festival. I guess we will see how the kiddos are doing. I am kind of itching to craft SOMETHING during naptime so we will see what the day holds for us. Tonight I am helping a friend register for her baby and then we are meeting up with the husbands for dinner. Yippee!!!!! Have a great day!

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Anonymous said...

I bought that pink duck for your Mom as a joke since I knew how much she hated 'yard' ducks. She told me one day when I asked her about it, that she had given it to you. I am glad she found it a good home. I just wonder if she broke it's foot by throwing it against the wall when she took it out of the box I sent it to her in??? I still had fun buying it for her. Just don't think she saw the humor in it though!

Aunt Jan said...

Sorry, hit send too soon. This is from Aunt Jan

Linds said...

Ha, that's funny! Nick broke the feet off by knocking it off the table. Where on earth did you get it from? I would love to buy it some new clothes...and yes I know, I'm a dork....LOVE YOU!!!!

Aunt Jan said...

I bought it at Big Lots, but they never got any more in. I have wished a million times that I would have bought one for myself. When I did decide to go back and buy one, there were all gone! The sales lady said they went very fast. Maybe in your 'spare' time you can make the duck some new threads. Anyway, enjoy it! Your Mom's loss is your gain!