Saturday, September 25, 2010

More Deals

Saturday is wrapping up and it has been a really great day! The weather has been very Fall-ish and I just love that! This morning Cal and I went and worked out and Nick took Em to hockey. Last week with Cal's asthma he coughed the entire time. I do have to take him to the rink next week but I'm thinking the less he has to go there the better, right? When we all got home we went to the library, got a few books and then headed home for lunch. When the kids were down for a nap I hit the stores! I love shopping and I especially love shopping for the kiddos and shopping for deals!!! Yippee! I will show you what I got later but what I first want to show you is::::::

Here's Emma on her first fieldtrip of the year! We had so much fun! I went and Cal stayed with Grandma Peg which I think was best because we were exploring nature which included a lot of being quiet, standing in one place, and not touching...all things Cal doesn't really like to do :)

Anyway here's what I went shopping for!!! This story begins with me telling you that we went to the Outlet Mall this past week to get shoes for the kids. I wanted them to have cash shoes and dressier shoes. We found the cash part but no dressier ones and girls can't wear tennis shoes to church, ya know. So I was on the hunt for shoes.

Well here they are! At the outlet I bought their shoes at Stride Rite but just didn't love the dressier shoes...these are from Stride Rite but I bought them at Once Upon A Child (a resale store) and I must tell you that THEY HAVE NEVER BEEN WORN! I was so stinking excited that they were EXACTLY the same size Em was as if God just plopped these shoes into the store for me! And would you like to guess how much I paid for them? 10 bucks! Can you believe it???? They are normally about $60! Wowwie!

See they are brand new!!!
First I found this kitchen towel for a whopping $.50! Can't beat that, right?

I got these shorts for $1.00 for next summer for Cal. He loves "relaxing shorts" as his daddy calls them :)

Picked up this Ralph Lauren pillowcase for $.50. People probably don't need one pillowcase but I do! Cal's in a crib but uses a pillow and unfortunately crib sheets don't come with pillowcases so this was perfect!
Grabbed this Chaps shirt for Cal for $ plaid shirts on the boy!

Emma has been begging for roller skates but like me she will probably suck at it like me so I didn't want to spend bookoo bucks on them...these babies were only 3 smackers...not bad, not bad.

I couldn't get these pics to come out well but these shoes were only $1.50...can't beat that with a stick right? These will be super cute on Cal for church!

And I love this...this cookie jar was only $1.00! I love it, it's not really my style in my kitchen but it will work well for now.

And that completes the tour of what I bought. Now you are all going to know what a cheapskate I am, but its so fun to show you my treasures, as Emma calls them. :)
Well Nick is working tonight which sucks in so many ways but is also nice in the way that I get all of the crap done that I never get to.
Happy Saturday evening, enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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