Thursday, September 24, 2009

Don't Pee in the Street

Today Emma called me at work to tell me that “it is unacceptable for children to pee in the street”. It is so adorable how she trips over unacceptable. She kept telling me this over and over until I was wondering why are you calling to tell me this? What did you do? Nick came on the phone to tell me that she saw a squirrel pee in the street and told him that it is unacceptable for children to pee in the street. So true. I was scared she had peed in the street and Nicholas was having her tell me.

I love having her call me and tell me these silly little things because its things like this that I miss when I am at work. We have some very creative kids. Emma says funny things and Calvin tries to stack dinosaurs on top of cows…seriously these kids are just too cute.
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Aunt Jan said...

I would be happy that Emma only saw a squirrel pee in the street and not having 'fun' with Mrs. Squirrel in the street or bushes! Bet you can wait to get that call, right???
Aunt Jan

Anonymous said...

Why? Why is it so unacceptable to pee in the street? Have you ever tried it? It might be a freeing experience. You might really like it. I think it is a shame that you are sheltering your poor, little, unsuspecting daughter from this potentially enjoyable activity. Hehehe... admit it, now you are regretting harassing me for not commenting on your blog.

Love ya,