Monday, May 18, 2009

My Apron

If you want you can call me June Cleaver. I'll take it as a complement. To date I have 4 aprons in my "collection"...5 if you count the one from when I had to cook in for the Taste of Home Cooking Show (another embarrassing moment, oy!) I love aprons because they remind me of when my Grandma would have been my age and before. The way I see it I am only 2 generations out of the one where everyone wore aprons out of I have decided to bring it back. First of all, aprons are very much a necessity. When I am flushing borax down my drains or swishing bleach around, I don't need those things on my clothes so I done an apron. When I make dinner I don an apron. Second, I love for my kids to remember me in an apron...wouldn't that be neat? Do you wear an apron? Which one is your favorite? My current favorite was my Mother's Day gift from Nick and the is pink with polka dots and says "Domestic Diva". I think that basically sums me up, don't you? As one of my co-workers emailed me, he thinks I'm the best. Ha! See? Its in writing. No but seriously I think aprons are something that shouldn't go out of style. They may be a thing of the past, but not for long! They are a symbol of caring and of the housework wives do around the home...I know those are things that aren't going by the wayside anytime soon!
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Aunt Jan said...

I have an apron I wear when I remember to put it on. I have several in fact and I think I even made one of them in Home Ec class.
Aprons are very handy to have around if you just get home from work and need to prepare a quick meal and then you are out the door again for a PTA meeting, choir practice or date night with the Hubby. Keep wearing it, and I will remember to wear mine too. I will call Wally and Beaver in for Diner now!
Aunt Jan

Linds said...

You are too cute! So sorry I didn't make it over to see you one last time! I am now going to think of you when I put my apron on! :) Love you!