Monday, May 18, 2009

Calvin's Scare

I know I should have told you all about this before but from a Mother's point of view it has just been unbearable to relive. While we were on vacation for Mother's Day Calvin had a seizure. Mother's Day morning had started out perfectly...we got ready and went to brunch, then out for pony rides. We were having so much fun and it was such a beautiful day! We decided to go back to the hotel and pack up our things and then having a couple hours before check out, we would hit the water park again. Emma was playing on a window seat in our hotel room and of course Calvin was next to it playing with her. He must have stepped on something and lost his balance because he hit his head on the ledge. He was crying and tried to stand up. Nick noticed he was bleeding in his mouth so he picked him up to see. Calvin let out a huge scream, turned grey and then started seizing. Nick and I both just looked at one another...what do we do? Nick had disconnected the phone because the kids kept prank calling people, cell phones were no where. "Run to the front desk." Nick said. I shot off, but not before taking off my shoes which looking back on the situation seemed like odd behavior. :) The front desk called 911 and told me to go get a lifeguard from the waterpark. 3 followed and helped until the paramedics arrived. Calvin seized for a total of 5 minutes and during that time sounded like a fish out of water. He seriously looked dead. His gorgeous dark brown eyes turned transparent. The lady paramedic couldn't get him to respond either...he had come out of his seizure and was not responding...he was falling asleep which was scaring me to death. When the paramedic scooped him up to take him to the ambulance I had a really hard time keeping it together..."my baby!"

I rode in the ambulance with Calvin and Nick followed with Emma. Frantically he called family as we prayed silently and fervently for our precious little boy. "I haven't had enough time with him." was all that would run through my head. I kept picturing that classic television moment where the doctors come out and say "we did all we could". Fortunately though Calvin started to come around in the ambulance and he was looking alive! His vitals looked good and he was responding...the EMS even got him to take a nap!

At the hospital they ran a CT scan which came back that there were no breaks and no internal bleeding could be found! Our baby's okay! We had him see our pediatrician back home too and he still is okay...our family doctor thinks the seizure was from lack of oxygen to the brain when he was crying.

I know it sounds dramatic but when you look in your precious baby's face and wonder if you will see it tomorrow, its horrific. The whole contrast of perfect day to nightmare situation reiterated the fact that God is in control...not me. Not me at all. Yes I plan for Nick to come home from work every day but that doesn't mean he will. I might think "hey lets go to the waterpark", but that doesn't mean we are going to make it there. God is in control and I must accept that and have peace with that even in the midst of insanity.

For those of you praying for us, thank you. I know without a shadow of a doubt that your prayers formed a blanket of peace around Calvin; a blanket I am sure God wrapped snuggly around him and rocked, rocked, rocked him to sleep with in His hand.
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