Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dirty Old Pee Mattress

I got some question as to how I clean a mattress when it has been peed on.  It took me a while to figure out how to do this.  Thankfully our mattresses have never stunk after accidents but I never felt thoroughly satisfied with how clean they were after mishaps...
until the joy of Pinterest found it's way into my life and I found this method. 
So sorry but I have no idea where I found this technique/method or I would totally credit that angel of a mother for helping a brother out. 
If that mom is you, please let me know and I will lift your name high on a pedestal and we will all celebrate you! 
Anyway, here's what I do...
 First strip the bed of the grossness.  Then I thoroughly spray the mattress with Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products.  I highly recommend Mrs. Meyers because it smells amazing and is a natural product.  But you can use whatever...
 Then toss on a few towels.  There aren't your fancy towels.  These aren't your guest towels.  These are your hardworking everyday towels.  They'll get washed and will be okay.  I promise. 
 Next you need to toss something on there that is weighty enough to smoosh the towels into the mattress.  Otherwise the liquid loveliness will just soak deeper into the mattress rather than up into the towels.  I have found that laundry baskets of clothes seem to work well.  I tried books but ended up with some throw-away books as the liquid (let's just say it, pee) soaked through the blankets.  With the baskets if the towels get soaked through you can just clorox wipe the bottoms of the baskets and be good to go. 
*Couple of notes: look at all of those clean clothes!   I promise they are clean!  I am SOOOO bad about getting those folded. And two smooshy is totally a real word...moving on.
 After the baskets have been flowerpressing the towels for an adequate time (I waited about 6 hours), I then sprinkle on Baking Soda or this lovely product seen above.  It's basically baking soda with a nice smell.  I then vacuum it all up.  I then sprinkle a little more on the mattress before I put the protector back on.  Just a little factoid...bedbugs hate baking soda!  If you are a spaz like me who is terrified of getting bedbugs you can sprinkle it on your bed, or around your bed when you stay at a hotel.  No, I don't do that...that would be insane! 

And where were the children while I was doing all of this? 
 Well, right here of course!
 And here!
And here!  Together!  Having a grand old sleeping party! 

If fairy tales converged this would be "Sleeping Beauties" and "Cinderella" combined!

Hope you now can feel better about cleaning your mattresses too when you have little oops moments in life!
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Aunt Jan said...

The secret to cleaning a mattress is water! And plenty of it. It delutes the stain and keeps it from reappearing. If you use too much soap/cleaner the stain just gets too soapy and you will never get the stain to go away. Also the soap will attract dirt and the stain will show again, Just keep spraying with water, blot and repeat. It may take some time, but the stain (with no ring where it was)will be gone and so will the smell!

Skylar Cox said...

I usually use high-quality brands of upholstery shampoo for odors. But for odors and stains such as urine, I use white vinegar and baking soda. Just apply the white vinegar to a sponge or towel and mark the stains using light pressure. Then cover up the area with baking soda to soak up the vinegar. Leave it overnight and vacuum in the morning. If this trick doesn’t work, call a professional cleaning service. =)

Skylar Cox

Karly Mittens said...

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Angelica jolie said...

its mess up all every thing every where.
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Gail Wallace said...

The most challenging part of cleaning the mattress is drying them up. While sprinkling some baking soda on it is good, I guess it’s still not enough, because the dirt and germs that came from sweat and urine will accumulate, and would likely irritate your child’s sensitive skin.

Gail Wallace