Monday, February 2, 2009

Calvin is One

January 10th we celebrated Calvin's first Birthday. It was a wonderful time and it was so nice to get our friends and family together. I am still kind of in shock that Cal is already one. I had this idea this morning that maybe this is all some type of mind game; maybe I am dreaming and he isn't really One already, he is still 4 months old and small and snuggly with that cute little bottom that fits in your hand when you are holding him. But then I woke up and realized that there is snow on the ground, it is January again and so in fact he is One. I just can't grasp it. It also probably has something to do with the fact that this is our last baby, who in fact officially isn't a baby anymore. My precious little guy is getting older and soon won't need me anymore. As much as I rejoice in Calvin growing and thriving, it is also depressing that he is getting older and closer to having one foot out the door.

Here's our Birthday boy all geared up for cake!

With an eye on the party, we had a wonderful time. I decided to go with a sports themed first birthday. It started when Cal was first born and I found really cute first birthday supplies at Target with sports balls on them. Score! I thought, as I planned to watch them on clearance, scoop them up and save big. But alas they were gone in a wink of an eye and have never been able to find anything even closely like it. So I bought general sports things and tied into "I am One" kind of stuff. My lovely cousin Jaime designed and made a banner that says "Happy 1st Calv" with pennants. Totally cute and totally cheap for a unique banner. Almost all of the paper products I bought at the dollar store and most of the decorations too. I have to say if you are going to buy something for a party, look at the Dollar Store first. I know it smells in there but it is totally worth it for the money you can save. Things these days are tight so the most you can save will really make a difference.

Calv in his Birthday outfit. Thanks Uncle Marcy!

With the sports theme we went with concession stand food but in appetizer form: pizza bites, scoop chips I piped cheese into, cocktail weiners in a blanket, wings, cookies, and cake. It was a nice mix of food. Make sure if you are looking to make money to not make things with a lot of meat or cheese...those are the things that will really eat into your budget. Just an idea.

Here's Emma outside while her Daddy is shoveling before the party.

This party was one where I can add a piece of advice to the next time you are party planning: make it simple. At first the sports themed one-year old party seemed like a good idea but I couldn't find any continuity between the two themes. I wish I would have just gone with a "fun at 1" party theme or something. It would have been much easier.

Here is Calvin before the handsome.

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