Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm Baaack...

And still sad. Still no pictures. We have one more IT guy to schmooze to hopefully try to get our pictures and then it looks like data recovery is our last hope...which the minimum that will cost is $500.00, I guess my question for you guys is, is there amount that is too much to get your pictures of your babies? Opinions please. Anyway, hopefully when the kiddos are napping tomorrow I will be able to get you caught up on Thanksgiving...of that I have pictures!
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Aunt Jan said...

Is it the hard drive or maybe with any luck just the monitor than needs to me replaced???
I would say that your pictures are priceless! Maybe you can wait to get them off the drive after Christmas so it does not hurt as much.
I do have a lot of your pictures that I have saved off the blogs so if that helps any please just let me know and we can load them onto a disk.
See you soon!
Aunt Jan

Linds said...

No its the hard drive. The IT guy at Nick's job couldn't get the computer to respond in any way. I have a friend whose husband is an IT guy so I will see if he can tinker with it; if still nothing can be gotten off of it we will most likely end up sending it to a data recovery place in Florida that the police use...it costs somewhere in the $1200 range...yikes!

Lizz said...

Lindsay -

I hope you get your pictures back! I can imagine how upset you are right now. I always download mine on Walmart.com after I download them onto our computer. That way, you will always have them in 2 places. You can also order prints off of there, which is nice.


Linds said...

good thinking! I have some on Snapfish but probably not even a quarter of our pics...I'm just glad I at least have those and the ones on this site. Whew. Love ya girly!