Friday, November 7, 2008

Halloween was Fun!

Halloween was so much fun this year! Emma was a kitty cat because on a Dora the Explorer program, Dora dressed up as a kitty cat too. So that’s what hooked Emma. Calvin was a chick which was absolutely adorable but had no significance other than when I was pregnant I bought the costume at Children’s Place for .99. Yes I am a bargain hunter, thank you. We picked my mom up and then went to my Grandma’s church for Trunk or Treat. My cousin and Gram were there passing out candy and I think that Emma had a lot of fun with them and my mom. After that we went to the mall and caught the tail end of the halloweening there which was okay because Lord knows we don’t need a lot of candy hanging around our house. It was also wonderful to go to the mall because I had some shopping to do and it helped that my mom was there to assist in baby wrangling. Of course now I am on the lookout for clearance Halloween items for next year and am excited to start planning for Thanksgiving!
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