Friday, November 14, 2008

Deal of the Century

I thought I would show you all my wonderful deal. I went shopping at the outlet malls on Veteran's Day and got some huge deals! I may blog about all of them a little later but I couldn't wait to share about this one. Above is my new light weight jacket from Brooks Brothers. It was originally $199.50 and I got it for $11.99 plus tax! That's over 90% off. Truth be told I actually got it for Nick and since it is only a medium I thought the sleeves might be a little too short for him. When he tried it on though it became very clear that it is a ladies jacket...and what a fits me perfectly! So I thought I would share my terrific deal. Did anyone else brave the cold winds on Veteran's Day...any good deals?
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1 comment:

Aunt Jan said...

Great find! Put a cute, wild scarf with it and you are set for 'Ole Man Winter'
Love ya!
Aunt Jan