Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Christmas Shopping

In other news, we are done with our Christmas shopping for the kids. We are also almost done with shopping for all but three people…I am so excited to be this close to being finished. Actually now that I think about it I haven’t gotten anything for Nick either but I will... I promise. How do you do Christmas Shopping? Last year I made everyone Christmas gifts which I loved doing but I couldn't think of any good ideas for what to make so I decided to buy everyone something. Next year I am going to be making things though as I have thought of a good idea that is going to take a ton of time so I will need the entire year to finish. I say this now but have a sneaky suspicion that I won't be able to finish...wishful thinking, wishful thinking...that's what I need. I just think it is really important to teach kids that Christmas isn't all about getting stuff that people buy you...its about showing your love because God showed His love for us. I had a problem with this lesson while shopping for the kids. Nick wanted to get the kids a big gift (not an elephant or something, but something that would be around for a while) while I wanted to get them a bunch of little presents to fill out the tree. I finally saw things from Nick's perspective...if the kids don't have tons of presents under the tree now then they won't come to expect tons of presents under the tree. We got them a train table with a train and then a few small gifts. So when you get a chance, tell me about your Christmas shopping. Do you make homemade gifts? Do you buy your kids lots of stuff? What is your take on Christmas shopping?
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Aunt Jan said...

Christmas is about the presents under the tree!!! The cost of each one does not count. It is the amount!!!! Sorry Nick but I do not agree with you. If our Guys only got one or two things under the tree they would have torn the house apart looking for the rest.I always wrapped even small things so there were tons of presents under the tree. That way you would take a lot of time openning all your presents, and feel like you were so loved because your Parents got you all this cool stuff. A two year old does not know the value of items yet but she sure will know all she got and all the presents she got to open on Christmas day. Rethink this one you Guys!!!!!
Love Aunt Jan

Anonymous said...

I think I just heard Aunt Janice write you a check....