Monday, September 26, 2011

Random Thoughts that a Monday Afternoon Produces...

Homeschooling is done, the children are napping, and I find myself with the devil and angel on my shoulders...


Get to work! 

So I did...kind of. 
I ordered these jeans from Lands' End for Nick...cute right?  They are 14.99 on clearance and if you use the promotion code "Discover" with the number 6956 you'll get an additional 25% off and free shipping (no minimum required)!  Awesome, huh?  Thanks Money Saving Mom for, well, saving this Mom some Money!

A side note is, if you don't shop at Lands' End then I really recommend that you do.  They are always having super great bargains!  And they stand behind the quality of their products which is something I love and respect about them.  I buy almost all of my clothes from there and I love them!  I also love that they are sold at Sears so I can find some super great bargains there and I can return something there if it doesn't work out...none of the having to mail it back business! 

I also spent a lot of time on the phone which I hate doing but sometimes it just can't be helped.  Nick and I's debit cards expired in August but weren't replaced. Weird, we haven't had debit cards.  Well we got them...we got 4 cards total...all with different numbers.  So now which ones are we to use?  I was a little frustrated that the girl told me to take them ALL to the ATM and try to use our old pin numbers as they should be  the same.  At that point I was so frustrated I just said "okay".  Okay not meaning okay but rather meaning, I'm making my husband call about this...

My final call was to the Parks Department of our City.  Again, frustrated with them.  I have spoken numerous times with the lady in charge there about getting our neighborhood's park playground equipment updated.  She assured me in the Spring that something would be done, but now it is officially Autumn and nothing has been done.  I try to think that it would be nice to have it done, but it's nothing that I'm owed or something. But then when I think that we pay taxes and should be able to ENJOY our park, then I get a little torked off.  Is that how you spell torked???   I also spoke to someone about the tennis courts in our neighborhood.  We have some wicked nice tennis courts, let me tell you.  No exagerating people come from all over the country to play on our courts.  But for us common folk they are hardly ever open.  And I have a couple of kiddos who just want their Daddy to teach them how to play.  So I was on the phone with them for that.  Apparently you have to ask about 7.25 people before you find someone who knows about tennis courts.  Weird, wild stuff going on around here. 

My final question/random thought here as I ramble on has to do with homeschooling.  I've been printing off things for Emma and things are either too hard or too easy.  So here's my question for all of you, and you don't have to be a homeschooling mom to answer...if your child can breeze through things do you give them MORE of that to practice (oh say, addition worksheets?) or do you make them try to get something harder (multiplication? Fractions?) Emma's only a Kindergartener but I've been using first grade curriculum and she's finishing everything in about half the time they say to work with her on it.  I don't know if that means I should give her more practice or if she's ready for 2nd grade material.  And yes, I do feel kind of stupid asking this.  Just so ya know...

Happy Monday!  Make some coffee and perk yourself over that midday slump we're in now :)
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Amy said...

I say start adding some stuff from the next level. That is the awesome thing about homeschool!! They can be in "3rd" grade for math, and "K" for reading, or whatever they need. If my kids start breezing through things, I usually start adding in new stuff if they seem to still be ok with it, then we move up. Some times it is just a "we need to move up/down" You may want to keep doing some of the k/1 level stuff with her, just because some of it builds on the other, but for sure challenge her!!

Elizabeth said...

First of all, where did you find those jeans? I can't find them! I was hoping...Michael could use another pair!

Second of all, I'd say rather than start right away with 2nd grade stuff, why not try stuff that's a little later in the 1st grade year (say, for instance, 2 digit addition). I'm not sure how it works for homeschooling, but if I am right, you still have to meet the state "standards" for each grade, right? So you might want to look at what a 1st grader should know by the end of the year.

Is it just math that she's ahead on? Is it reading too? Hannah just started 1st grade, and thankfully we have a teacher that is really working with us this year to make a great experience for her. She's currently at a reading level 2.8 (she can go up every 5 days, and she's doing that) and she's doing multiplication and adding sums with 2-3 numbers and double digits. (3+2+6, for instance, and 11+22.)

Good luck! Being the educator is hard work! (Especially when you have the kind of kid that wants to learn!)