Sunday, January 18, 2009

Free Cosmetics

Photo courtesy of thisgirlangie
I know I am on a blogging hiatus for the month but I felt it necessary to interrupt the silence to let you know about this settlement. If you have bought cosmetics from a variety of places in a ten year time span you are eligible to get free makeup beginning this Tuesday while supplies last. You can read all about it at I have been addicted to Clinique so I am definitely included in the settlement. At the website there is a list of things that you can choose from and I think I am going to be getting some j'adore perfume. This is something that I would never buy for myself under usual circumstances because we could use the money for other things, you know? So this will be a much needed pampering. Anywho, save yourself some money and go get yourself something nice. See what shopping will get you? It really does pay off.
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Aunt Jan said...

WOW, It was GREAT to hear from you. Feb 1st can not come soon enough!
Love and miss you!!
Aunt Jan

Jimmy said...

YEEEHAAA... let the stalking begin! Love ya!